How Water Submetering Systems Simplify Billing for Multi-Unit Properties

Traditional water sub-metering involves turning off the water flow and cutting pipes, but bluebot offers a welcome change.
bluebot installed on hot water lines of a multi-unit rental property

Water Sub-Metering Systems Simplify Billing and Much More

If you’re a property manager or landlord, or if you manage any multi-tenant property, imagine being able to accurately determine water usage and easily divide the cost between residents.


With bluebot, a leading smart water submetering system, this dream can become your reality.


bluebot gives you full visibility of your property’s water usage data on a unit-by-unit scale and helps you deliver an accurate water bill to your tenants so they can make informed decisions regarding budgets and water conservation.


In this article, we’ll review how water submetering works, the benefits of submetering, and how bluebot makes submetering easier than ever.


Let’s get started.

How does water sub-metering work?

Sub-metering measures water from specific lines. Traditional water sub-metering involves turning off the water flow and cutting pipes, but bluebot offers a welcome change. bluebot clamps on virtually any water line, without cutting the pipe. Its innovative design is compatible with 35 different pipe types and sizes, and installation is quick and easy.


It accurately measures water usage via transit-time ultrasonic technology, making water information transparent and informative.


What are the benefits of sub-metering water?

Sub-metering gives you an accurate understanding of water usage. You can pass this information along to your tenants, and, in some cases, bill tenants separately for actual water usage if you’re not utilizing a ratio utility billing system for your building or complex.


Most tenants will adjust their water usage, particularly if they’re interested in water conservation or concerned about reducing their bills.


Sub-metering also means any leaks are detected in real time, so issues can be addressed before costly surprise bills arrive. Having daily access to this information can avert disasters, alerting you to pipe breaks, plumbing issues, forgotten running faucets or the need for upgraded and more efficient appliances.


With water costs rising in many states, and some issuing fines for overuse, having a good handle on your water usage is valuable information. 

bluebot makes sub-metering easier than ever.

bluebot is a non-evasive, universal flow meter designed to monitor and track water consumption, detect leaks in real time and help you budget your water.


The bluebot water sub-metering system uses transit-time ultrasonic technology to measure flow. 


With bluebot you have:

  • Unlimited live and historic water data – over 43,200 data points every day
  • Access to all information from your phone – even for multiple properties
  • The option to choose the display methods so your information is delivered in the manner you prefer
  • Weekly or monthly budgeting options
  • Custom alerting (time, gallons, dollars) 
bluebot data for water usage and cost shown on a landlord's mobile phone

For property managers or for apartment water sub-metering, bluebot’s ability to divide water usage by real estate unit or tenant makes utility billing transparent and simple. It’s also a great tool that can help you navigate a high water bill with no visible leak.

Imagine how much time you can save by not manually calculating individual unit costs!

You’ll also save by eliminating the need for expensive submetering equipment or energy allocation equipment.

You won’t need a water-submetering billing company either. With bluebot, you have all the information you need to handle billing yourself.

When it comes to valuable information about water usage, we make it clear and concise. Taking multiple data points and delivering them in an easy-to-digest format is one of bluebot’s specialties.

See how bluebot stacks up against the competition

bluebot offers sub-metering for multiple properties.

If you have more than one property, bluebot can handle that, too. We make it easy to group your information in a way that makes the most sense for you. Monitor multiple zones, multiple properties or multiple water lines. You choose how the data is presented.


In addition to water data right on your phone, bluebot offers a web portal designed for large property managers.

bluebot dashboard shown on a property manager's MacBook Pro

Check out what bluebot can do for your sub-metering needs.

Are you ready to make managing your water simple and insightful? Are you looking for data transparency that tenants value? Do you want to make more informed choices about water usage and pass that along to your property residents? You can do that and more with bluebot. 


If you need water sub-metering solutions, learn more about bluebot, the world’s first universal clamp-on smart water meter and water data app.

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