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Deploy as many Bluebot water meters as you need and monitor them individually from the cloud.


Ideal for Homes, Apartments, Car Washes, Property Managers, Hotels, Small Businesses, Agriculture, Light Industrial, and more.

Establish a water flow monitoring network across your entire property that supports up to hundreds of submetering points.

Generate and retrieve high-resolution data through Bluebot’s LoRa (long range) wireless options. Access water data meters across your facility from 1000’s of feet away.

Clamp on.

Simply clamp a Bluebot meter onto each of your systems metering points and plug it into a nearby electrical outlet.

Fits all major pipe types and sizes.

No plumber or electrician is required.


Bluebot’s powerful app is available through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Our easy to use in-app installation guide will have you monitoring data from each meter independently in minutes.

Now rely on LoRa long range wireless capabilities.


  • Track flow usage over time.
  • Set alarms to detect leaks.
  • Dollarize™ water use.
  • Analyze historic data.
  • Set budget parameters.



27 Reviews
Starts at $539
+ required Bridge
Model 100-RF-PTP
  • For 1 to 15 flow meter installations
  • Wi-Fi signal required at meter location
  • One size fits 3/4″ to 4″ pipes


27 Reviews
Starts at $678
Model 100-RF-WAN
  • For 1 to 100 flow meter installations
  • No Wi-Fi, connect from up to 1000Ft.
  • One size fits 3/4″ to 4″ pipes
*Get 10% off meter price with Premium Data Plan purchase.


Volume discounts and special orders available

Available for purchase through our website or authorized resellers, with one size fits all, so you don't have to worry about choosing a specific model or package.

How it works

5 Steps to Water Efficiency for Businesses and Commercial Enterprises

Bluebot’s smart water monitoring system offers hassle-free installation and empowers your business with comprehensive water management capabilities.



Purchase Your Device

Select the best Bluebot meter(s) for your application, choosing from a Wi-Fi-only meter or from our recommended LoRa wireless (long range) meters. Get Started >



Choose Your Data Plan

Select a free data plan that select one that suits your business data needs, starting at $4.98 per month, to access high-resolution water data. Get Started >



Download the App

Download the “Bluebot Water” app from Google Play or the Apple Store to your mobile device. Also enjoy the Web Dash to view and manage all your water use across your facility.



Install Your Device(s)

Follow the app’s step-by-step installation instructions to connect to the Bluebot cloud and attach the Bluebot meter to your water pipe. The meter is designed to fit all major pipe types and sizes, and no plumber is required. Learn More >



Configure Your Settings

Customize alerts and budgets, monitor live flow and historical water usage data, and even sub-meter to calculate the cost of your water usage. Bluebot’s features give you full control over your water consumption, helping your business operate more efficiently. Learn More >

Commercial Water Meter

Effectively Track and Manage Water Usage With the Bluebot Smart Commercial Water Meter

The Bluebot smart commercial water meter helps you accurately measure and monitor the volatile water use of large facilities like factories, hospitals, car washes, food processing facilities, warehouses, universities, and more.

With the long range LoRaWAN Wireless Bluebot Flow Meter you can deploy hundreds of devices across your entire facility without the need for Wi-Fi.

Accurate Flow Measurement

Bluebot ultrasonic flow meters are calibrated across the entire flow range for best-in-class accuracy up to +/- 0.5%. The most precise method for water flow measurement.

Easy Install

Easy installation with non-invasive, patented clamp-on design. The IP67 ingress rating covers indoor and outdoor use under warranty—no batteries or maintenance required.

Fits 80+ Pipe & Type Combinations

One size fits a wide range of different pipe materials, sizes, and types, easily attaching to 3/4" to 4" (plus special large sizes), Copper L, Copper M, PVC Sch 40, PVC Sch 80, CPVC, PEX, PE, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron and Galvanized pipes.

LoRaWAN Meter + Gateway

Cover More Area

One Singular Hub for Your Entire Facility

Our LoRaWAN water flow meter takes connection out of the equation so you no longer have to rely on a spotty Wi-Fi signal. Each Bluebot device uses radio frequency and sends your flow data wirelessly up to 1000 ft. (305m) away in urban areas (up to 1.2 miles or 1.93 km in rural areas), straight to the cloud, giving you instant insight into your building’s water usage.

Network 100's of water meters across your facility.

Thanks for the passion!


“I’m a utility consultant and I need to measure the maximum gallons per minute of some of my clients’ water usage. I ran an accuracy test of my home faucet, which measured 1.3 gpm. Sure enough, the Bluebot gave me exactly the same reading. I appreciate that I can use it on any size pipe size from 3/4″ to 2″.”


“As a property manager for a San Francisco estate, it’s my job to help monitor water efficiency. We invested in a Bluebot meter after receiving an astronomical water bill due to a water leak that went undetected for several weeks. I’m glad to report, it’s performed as advertised. You’ll be glad you invested in Bluebot to save money and property. Anyone who has to pay a water bill, especially in California, would benefit.”

Video Case Study

See how the University of the Nations Kona, Hawaii used Bluebot to save $3.5M in water credits and enable expansion

The UNK team utilized information gathered by Bluebot devices to perform an extensive evaluation of water consumption between September 2022 and March 2023.

This evaluation involved examining how many gallons of water are used per person among both locals and daytime guests, in addition to reviewing past water usage patterns and the effectiveness of water-saving measures taken at the institution.


Test the waters with the Bluebot solution risk-free. Simply tell us how many Bluebot devices
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  • 6 Bluebot Devices
  • 2 Training Sessions
  • 1 Technology Review
Small-medium organizations with one-on-one training.


  • 10 Bluebot Devices
  • 3 Training Sessions
  • 2 Technology Reviews
Medium-large organizations looking for custom training.
Risk Free > Customization > Savings > Training Integration > Support


The three types of water meters are ultrasonic meters, positive displacement meters (PD meters), and electromagnetic meters, each utilizing different technologies to measure water flow. Our Bluebot devices are ultrasonic clamp-on water flow meters.

For commercial and industrial applications, ultrasonic meters and electromagnetic meters are commonly used due to their accuracy in measuring large volumes and various flow rates of water. The Bluebot ultrasonic water flow meter has been deployed by many commercial customers, including light industrial facilities, property management companies, agricultural operations, and more.

Nope. Installing Bluebot is simple and requires no special tools, as the package includes all necessary components. The app offers detailed guidance for setup, needing just a straight section of pipe. It’s designed for easy installation by users with any level of experience.

Using its unique variable angle transit-time ultrasonic technique, Bluebot employs ultrasonic waves to gauge the water flow, timing the sound waves’ travel in and against the flow to precisely monitor real-time water usage and detect leaks, effective even at low flow rates.