Apartment Water Submetering Made Easy With bluebot

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Sub-metering your water is easier than ever.

Simply clamp on any* water line and monitor multiple devices from the app.

As a property manager of an apartment building, keeping your utility costs low while ensuring your tenants are comfortable and happy is always a top priority …. but often a struggle.

And one utility cost that can be especially tricky to manage is water.

With water rates constantly rising and tenants often unaware of their water usage, it’s no easy task to keep your water expenses in check.

Fortunately, bluebot is here to make your apartment water submetering easy as ever. So you can accurately track water usage, allocate water costs fairly, and finally have peace of mind that you’re not overpaying for water bills or undercharging your tenants.

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Sub-Metering multiple water lines with the bluebot water management app

The benefits of water sub-metering are considerable – it allows the property manager and resident to have a more accurate understanding of their usage, allowing them to save money and conserve our most precious resource along the way. It can also help to more quickly identify the location of water leaks and shut off the water before damage and expenses multiply.

Sub metering irrigation and common garden areas is also very advantageous, as most learn they are drastically over-watering and can cut their usage significantly (saving time and money).

bluebot data for water usage and cost shown on a landlord's mobile phone

Until now, sub-metering your property’s water usage has traditionally been cost prohibitive – Requiring custom solution development, board approvals, invasive community preparation, lengthy water shutoffs, and tens of thousands of dollars of custom submetering equipment.

The worst part? Most sub metering solutions only offer analog options, which require constant monitoring and manual recording of the usage data.

We’re here to change that. With bluebot, property managers and landlords can quickly install endless app enabled non-invasive bluebot water meters on any water line* and monitor the usage from the app.

If there’s a leak, you’ll be notified right away. If you want to view the water consumption for an individual unit, you’re a click away.

Access can even be shared with the residents for total transparency.

We designed the bluebot app to be entirely flexible for every property owner, so you can configure a solution that fits the exact needs of your apartment complex.

Photo: bluebot in irrigation box

Utility cost allocation allows you to bill accurately and fairly through your existing rent/utility payment service.

Example: Your city water bill shows 10,000 gallons and $100.

You have 3 tenants that used 3,000 gallons, 5,000 gallons, and 2,000 gallons during the utility billing period.

Using a ratio utility billing system, the first tenant is responsible for $30 of the bill, the second is responsible for $50 of the bill, and the final tenant is responsible for $20 of the bill for that billing period.

The bluebot app’s innovative grouping functionality allows for property managers and anyone interested in monitoring multiple water lines to be able to do so from their phone, from anywhere in the world, in real time.

Plus – bluebot submeters cost $0 to install in your apartment building

In addition to bluebot’s cutting-edge technology and ability to monitor your apartment’s water use on your phone, the bluebot water submetering system is also incredibly easy to install.

Any landlord or building owner can do it on his or her own. No need to spend hundreds or thousands on a professional.

That’s because bluebot has the greatest pipe capability on the market. It’s compatible with 35 different pipe sizes/types – just clamp it on to your water pipe and boom, you’re done installing.

No water shut offs, no pipe cutting, and no additional plumbing required.

*3/4″ to 2 PEX, PE, Copper, PVC, and Galvanized pipe size.
Larger pipe sizes available — Consult factory. 

Now is the best time to begin sub-metering your water!

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