water data in the palm of your hand

The water data app you need

Created with total flexibility. The v2.0 bluebot water data iOS app is configurable to your specific goals. No subscription or hidden fees.

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💧 Water Data

Our app packs and delivers 43200 data points every single day. Offering you high resolution live and historic water data.

1.2 million data points every month

Unlimited family sharing

🤝 Become a sharing master

Create a water savings team by sharing bluebot app & water data.

📉 Water Management

Set budgets, input device specific water bills, and stay in control with three different alert types.

Alerts, budgets and water bills

Sub-metering and device grouping

🏘️ Install multiple bluebots

Own more than one property? Seeking multiple data points?  No worries we can do that.

Guided installation

Set up your bluebot in a matter of minutes. Simply download the bluebot water app and follow our in-app illustrated install guide. No tools required, universal installation.

Manage multiple devices from anywhere in the world

Access water data in the palm of your hand

Capture millions of data points every month and gain valuable financial and personal insights along the way with the bluebot water app.

Designed for one

Instant and historical usage data, custom alerts, device sharing, budgeting & Dollarize™

smart water meter

Designed for many

Sub-metering for usage and cost allocation managed from a single account

smart water meter

Web Portal Alpha

Designed specifically for large property managers, sub-metering, usage and cost-allocation.

The flexibility you deserve

With bluebot, managing your water becomes transparent, insightful and fun. Nearly 98% of customers are surprised by how much water they were actually using when they first began using bluebot, and immediately configured bluebot to help reduce their usage.

We're in this together.

We take pride in listening and developing solutions for our customers. All of bluebot’s design, both the meter and app, came from customers voicing their needs. We are continually improving by developing new features and capabilities to make saving water even easier.

Water you waiting for?

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