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Designed by flow industry experts, bluebot is the world’s first universal,
clamp-on smart water meter and data app.

Using a bluebot smart water monitor keeps you informed like never before.
And it’s so easy. With information sent right to your smart phone, you can
see how much water you’re using and make adjustments. You can also spot
potentially costly leaks in real time.


Meet bluebot

bluebot uses non-invasive, ultrasound technology to monitor water flow. This patented design uses transit-time ultrasonic technology to measure flow, using dual ultrasonic sensors, AI and adjustable angle technology.

The corresponding app tracks water consumption and delivers that data in ways that make it easy to understand and share with others.

With its small footprint and ability to clamp on virtually any water pipe, the bluebot smart water meter is the most versatile tool for measuring water ever created.

The team behind bluebot had a mission: To connect everyone to their water
in ways never before possible. In doing so, they hope to help reduce water
stress by making the world’s water use more efficient.


With bluebot, people can make informed decisions that affect both their
budget and the environment. Property managers or owners can easily sub-
meter water usage, making billing individual tenants easy and accurate.

The bluebot smart water meter was designed to be data focused, offering 43,200 data points every day. You get live and historic water data, delivered in the highest resolution, right to your smart phone.

Once you purchase the bluebot water meter, simply download the corresponding iOS app (called the v2.0 bluebot water data app, available on the App Store). There is no subscription required and no hidden fees. bluebot makes sharing this water data easy. Who you share your information with is completely up to you.

You get unlimited family sharing, allowing you to create a water savings team. Property managers or owners can share the data with individual tenants. With this level of transparency, you can give others the tools they need to adjust their water usage both for environmental reasons and for bill reduction.
One of the most innovative features about bluebot is easy installation. bluebot is the first universal, clamp-on water meter. Anyone can install it, without a plumber. No pipe cutting necessary. No water shut offs. bluebot attaches to virtually any water pipe. With our bluebot app, you get guided, visual instructions that walk you through installation.
The non-invasive, unique clamp-on design of bluebot makes it compatible with virtually any pipe. bluebot fits 35 pipe types/sizes, from ¾” to 2”, including PEX, PE, Copper L&M, PVC SCH 40 and 80. With its simple clamp-on design, bluebot easily attaches to your pipes without any hassle.
No. bluebot needs a full, pressurized pipe for the ultrasonic sensors to function properly. Finding a water line that works is generally quite easy. The app and placement guide assist you in finding the right place for your bluebot to live.
bluebot has a four-inch footprint (101.6 mm). This compact size makes it easy to install in convenient locations.
  • More data points: bluebot smart water meters provide unlimited live and historic water data and custom alerting (time, gallons, dollars) for easier weekly and monthly budgeting.
  • We also offer a Dollarize™ feature that interprets the data in dollars spent, rather than gallons.
  • You can choose to view the data in whatever form works best for you.
  • Accessible data: The app makes it easy to view the data, and we have carefully presented it in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Sharable data: By offering the ability to share data, bluebot makes it easy to have multiple people working toward more intentional water usage.
  • Easy installation: The universal, clamp-on design of bluebot makes it easy to install.
Yes, you can monitor multiple properties and control multiple bluebot devices from a single account. You can also share the information. There is unlimited family sharing with the bluebot data. Share with family, friends, tenants or helpers.

We also offer a web portal designed specifically for large property managers, sub-metering, usage and cost allocation.
No subscription is required. Once you purchase your bluebot device, there are no monthly fees or annual subscription fees.
No batteries are required. bluebot utilizes a dedicated 10-foot USB-C power cable with standard USA plug/110VAC.

More specifications may be found here.
Your bluebot smart water meter is splash, water and dust resistant. It is IP67 outdoor use rated/water resistant and performs in operating temperatures from 32° F (0° C) to 122° F (50° C).

Yes. All bluebot devices come with a one-year warranty. We also offer a 30-day, risk-free trial. Learn more about our warranty.

Yes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with bluebot. We offer quick, easy and
return or exchange process. Please contact us directly at (831) 275-2715 or submit a support ticket to begin your warranty exchange.

For more information about our warrants and exchanges read our policy.

Your bluebot will ship from our headquarters in Monterey, California, with 1–3-day delivery in the U.S.

*For bulk shipments (3 or more) additional handling and shipping fees may apply.

Most people think more in terms of dollars spent rather than gallons used. By offering a dollarized amount in our app, we allow you to see, in dollars spent, how much water you are using.

The bluebot water iOS app is filled with tools to help a broad range of users fufill their needs.

Inside the app you can set budgets, input device specific water bills and stay in control with three different alert types (time, gallons, dollars).

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