Getting started with bluebot

Ready to setup your bluebot smart water meter? This playlist covers unpacking your device, connecting it your Wi-Fi network and clamping it onto your install location!


Visit our support desk to read 15 tips for a positive installation experience.

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Connecting bluebot to your Wi-Fi network

In second step of the bluebot setup process we describe how Connecting your bluebot to your Wi-Fi network is fast and easy!


Want to learn more?

Read our articles or these other helpful connection articles to ensure you have a smooth setup.

1. Top 5 Connection Tips 

2. LED Indicator colors

3. Pairing & Wi-FI Troubleshooting 


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Installing the bluebot

In this third and final step you will learn the best practices for clamping on the bluebot smart water meter to your surveyed install location.


Once you have installed the bluebot smart water meter, read this quick 15-minute guide on our iOS application and functionality.  For tips and tricks on picking a good installation location and install troubleshooting head on over to to read more.

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