The Mission

Our shared concern with the ambiguity and over-usage of water, one of the most essential resources on the planet, has shaped bluebot into what it is today – far more than just a water meter.

Water is the planet’s most precious resource. And one that we can’t simply get or make more of. Even though our blue planet is 75% covered by water, just 0.003% of it is actually fit for use and human consumption.


At the rate we’re going, our planet will run out of water in less than 20 years.


Getting a handle on our own, individual usage is the first step in being able to understand our options for a more sustainable future. Our hope is that bluebot makes it easier for everyone to understand their usage while mitigating unforeseen, costly water events.


We hope that bluebot will play a role in the movement for better water usage practices by helping bring awareness to the over-usage and the practical areas most properties can conserve, to help water demand from exceeding supply and prevent larger water stress for future generations.


We hope you will join our bluebot family and take the first step toward better water usage practices. 


The bluebot team

Our Team

Our balanced team has adopted agile IoT development practices with a focus on Quality, Delivery, People, Innovation, and Customer Support (QDPICS). We believe that excellence in these five areas will result in the best product and the happiest customers. This is central to every decision we make.


bluebot was invented by a second-generation, flow-industry expert. After thousands of dollars in surprise water bills, abstract information, and no assistance from the local municipality, he set to work on a product designed to put you in control of your water.


Our team’s founding members include two ultrasonic flow industry experts with a combined 55 years of flow product development expertise, with special focus on ultrasonic sensor technology and flow calibration. The bluebot team also includes a Harvard Law Alum, a Yale Water Scientist, and a talented group of engineers and creatives.









Manufacturing + engineering

Quality Comes First

Unlike the other products on the market, our team began in the flow industry,
adopting our industry-leading flow technology to the consumer IoT market.

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