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Our mission

Our team’s shared concern with the ambiguity and over-usage of water, one of the most essential resources on the planet, has shaped bluebot into what it is today – far more than just a water meter. Our team is on a mission to get a bluebot™ on every home to allow everyone to easily monitor and improve their water usage. 

With bluebot, quality comes first

Our team is comprised of flow industry experts, a Harvard Law alum, a Yale water scientist, a team of talented engineers and one particularly creative duo. Our team has adopted agile IoT development practices with a focus on Quality, Delivery, People, Innovation, and Customer Support. We believe that excellence in these five areas will result in the best product and the happiest customers.

Our Team






The future of bluebot

The current priority is to get our app and device out in the field with your help, allowing us to make rapid improvements to our AI engine and coaching. As we continue to grow, we plan to reduce the cost of bluebot, provide communities with accessible water conservation opportunities powered by real usage data, share practical water sustainability strategies and introduce a give-back model into our sales structure. We truly appreciate your support in making these goals a reality.