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Founded in 2017, Lookout Lab, Inc. is in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing tools that help customers understand and control their water use like never before.

Our Commitment To You

We are a team of technicians, engineers, software developers and flow measurement experts.

Our mission is to connect everyone to their water in ways that were never before possible. In doing so, our dream is to be a part of reducing water stress by making the world’s water use dramatically more efficient. To accomplish our mission, we went to work inventing a water flow meter and app that is easy for anyone to install and use on nearly any size or type of pipe. After 4 years of R&D, bluebot was born.


Our patented bluebot™ brand flow meter is the world’s first universal clamp-on flow meter that leverages AI and adjustable sensor angle technology.   A true one size fits all flow meter, bluebot automatically adjusts itself to measure any Copper (Type M and L), PVC, Galvanized, PEX, Polyethylene pipe up to 2”. Larger sizes up to 4” are available. Our bluebot quality is backed by our nationally certified water flow calibration and testing lab.  Each bluebot is assembled by highly trained technicians in our factory and metrology lab and must pass over 20 quality tests before being shipped to the customer.


Our customer is anyone desiring to know their water use real-time, control and allocate costs, and be secure about leaks and waste.  Our customers range from homeowners, rental owners, businesses, property managers and even schools, churches and communities that depend on a well system.


We take pride in listening to our customers and developing solutions for them.  All of bluebot’s design, both the meter and app, came from customers voicing their needs.  We will continually improve with new features and capabilities currently in the pipeline and planned to be released in the near future. 


Our promise to you is that in everything we do we will challenge the status quo and drastically improve the way you understand your water.  We commit to you that we will always provide products and solutions that are of the highest possible quality, are delivered rapidly, are at a fair price, are innovative and easy to use, and are backed by a highly trained and responsive support team.


We hope you enjoy bluebot.


Join us and help change the world, one bluebot at a time!


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We started in the flow business and evolved into IoT. This allows our team to work with our customers to make bluebot the most flexible, robust water monitoring device available.

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Industry flow experts and 4 years of hardware research and development produced the world's first universal clamp-on flow meter leverages AI and adjustable sensor angle technology.

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