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Our team is on a mission to get a bluebot on every home to allow everyone to easily monitor and improve their water usage. The founding team’s shared concern with the ambiguity and over-usage of water, one of the most essential resources on the planet, has shaped bluebot into what it is today – a first of its kind water management app that coaches and educates consumers and businesses about their water use and costs. It was designed for walk-up usability with a simple and intuitive app that can be shared among friends and colleagues, and a unique, patented device that installs quickly on any pipe type with no tools or cutting.

Open Positions

We are a small but mighty startup team, and you will be getting in on the ground floor. This also means all of us dig in to help each other along the way, contribute ideas and challenge each other to excel, as well as wear multiple hats. It’s an exciting and sometimes challenging time for the company, and we rally together to make a difference and always find a way forward! If you’re excited to be part of a winning team, Lookout Lab is a great place to grow your career. We believe you will be glad you applied to Lookout Lab.

Computer Systems Engineer, Monterey, CA

Job Description: Analyze company’s existing computer systems and network issues; design and develop improved systems and solutions for the company; collaborate with other IT professionals to ensure system compatibility; monitor network performance and troubleshoot connectivity issues; configure network devices to ensure smooth and safe data communication; monitor system performance to identify and resolve issues to minimize disruptions; perform system upgrades and maintain documentation; implement automation scripts and tools to streamline system management; use Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, MySQL, HTML, CSS, React.js, Git, and Docker in Windows and UNIX operating environments.

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Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering plus 6 months of experience in job offered or as Junior Software Engineer.

Salary: $85,925 per year

If you are interested in this position, please mail resume to Lookout Lab, 550 Figueroa St, Suite C, Monterey, CA 93940.