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Capture your water data from nearly anywhere. No Wi-Fi signal is required at the device install location. The LoRa network enabled Bluebot smart flow meter transmits data over long distances in a cost-effective and efficient manner. By using a special modulation procedure (Chirp Spread Spectrum), very long ranges and excellent building penetration can be achieved.

Bidirectional communication, a high level of security through modern encryption technologies and low energy demands make LoRa the perfect technology for Bluebot water monitoring devices to remotely transmit highly accurate water data. LoRa’s flexibility in rural outdoor or indoor applications makes it ideal for smart homes and buildings, smart cities, industrial IoT (IIoT), smart agriculture, smart utilities and metering, and smart supply chain and logistics.

LoRa and LoRaWAN® are international, open radio standards, which are continually being developed and improved by the LoRa AllianceTM. Bluebot is available in two LoRa versions. Model 100-RF-PTP (Point-to-Point) and Model 100-RF-WAN (Wide Area Network).


The Wi-Fi enabled Bluebot is ideal for homeowners and small businesses where there is rich Wi-Fi signal at the meter install location. In some cases, particularly in outdoor locations, Wi-Fi repeaters may be required to extend the range. The Bluebot LoRa Radio version is recommended when there is non-existent, poor or unreliable Wi-Fi signal at the meter install location. The Bluebot Wi-Fi Only version is Model 100-W.

Cloud Enabled

The Bluebot Smart Flow Cloud is the brains of every Bluebot smart flow meter and enables capabilities and flexibility.

1. Set alerts to monitor the flow events you need to know about
2. Track the status and quality of your installation
3. Fine tune your installation to account for noise or atypical pipe conditions
4. Leverage an expandable archive of pipe types and sizes


Bluebot measures water usage using patented transit-time ultrasonic technology. This means that the device uses ultrasonic sound waves to determine the flow of water passing through the pipe. The technology works by transmitting sound waves through the flowing water, and then measuring the time it takes for the sound waves to travel both with and against the flow of water.

By analyzing these measurements, Bluebot is able to accurately calculate the amount of water passing through the pipe in real time. The technology is highly accurate, even at low flow rates, and can detect leaks and other issues in the water system. For more on the ISO Standards for ultrasonic transit-time meters, click here.

Backed by the reliability of cloud technology giants

Powered by industry-leading cloud technology and platforms, including AWS and Auth0 ensuring the highest level of security and reliability for our users.
Adjusts itself to fit eighty (80) pipe sizes and type combinations


Bluebot is the world’s first AI empowered flow meter. What is commonly called, “Robot AI” leverages artificial intelligence systems and technologies used in robots to enable them to perform tasks autonomously or semi-autonomously.

The Bluebot smart water meter is one size fits all. To achieve this feat, it clamps onto the outside of the pipe, identifies it, and then adjusts itself to fit eighty (80) pipe size and type combinations. It does this through patented Robot AI servoing guided by the Bluebot mobile App during commissioning. Once Bluebot sets itself to the proper pipe size and type, it assures the best transit-time ultrasonic signal to assure the highest quality flow data.