Small Device
Big Impact

Compact, sleek and non-invasive universal design with sophisticated technology at its core,

bluebot maintains a constant eye on your water use so you don’t have to.


Ultrasonic Technology

The bluebot flow meter uses ultrasound to accurately measure water flow from. Each bluebot uses our patented self-adjusting transit-time ultrasonic technology and Artificial Intelligence to identify the pipe size and adjust for quality flow measurement.


OTA updates

Over-the-air updates introduce New improvements to the device and features to the application. 

Self Correcting

If loss of power or Wi-Fi occurs bluebot will reconnect automatically to the previously known network.


bluebot uses state of the art cloud security measures to keep your water data from getting into the wrong hands. We take your data privacy seriously and do not sell your data.

Universal Design

One Size Fits All

The bluebot has robust clamps like a hair clip that securely clamp-on to nearly any water line. This patented design allows bluebot to measure flow in multiple applications and on pipe sizes up to 2”. The ultrasonic technology is compatible on PEX, PVC, Copper Types L, M and Galvanized Pipe.


Note: Larger size PVC up to 4″ available, Consult Factory Request Quote.

How bluebot compares

Device Specifications & Features

Shutoff Valve Strap On Water Sensor
Patented Variable Ultrasonic
Turbine (In-Pipe Can Corrode)
Fixed Ultrasonic
Compatibility - Pipe Size & Type

3/4" to 2" Copper (Type L & M), PVC (SCH 40 & 80), Galvanized, PEX

Note: Larger size PVC up to 4" available, Consult Factory Request Quote.

Adapter Required

Street-Meter Specific or 3/4"-1" only

Versions Required
Specific to pipe size
Specific to meter
DIY, No Tools Required
Professional Install Required
Professional Install Recommended
Time To Install
5 Minutes
1-2 Hours
1 Hour
Annual Maintenance
No Maintenance
Testing the shutoff valve works
Requires battery replacement
Power Source
10' Plug In USB-C Cable
Plug / Electrician Required
Batteries (replace annually)
Multi-Device Support


Sharing Capabilities

(Access + Water Data)
Real-Time Live Flow

(Turn on the tap, see live flow)

(convert live flow to dollars.)
Leak Detection
Custom Alerts
Default + Unlimited
Historic Data
Unlimited (Free)
Subscription Required
Subscription Required
All Included
Basic + Paid
Basic + Paid


$60 a Year

$59 a Year

Fixed $399
Variable $459-889 +
Variable $169 - $199
3 Year Cost Of Operation
updated 1/19/21
Subscription Cost - $0

Wi-FI Extender (optional) $49

Extension Cord (optional) $20

Total = $399 - $468±

Subscription Cost - $60/yr = $180

Wi-FI Extender (optional) $49

Labor - $250 - $500±

Total = $758 - $1438±

Subscription Cost - $59/yr = $177

Labor - $199 - $299±

Total = $545 - $675±

get to know bluebot

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider it your new water assistant.

The bluebot is a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter designed to monitor and track your water consumption and detect water leaks in real time from our iOS application.

Yes! One of the most unique features of bluebot is that it’s patented sensor design allows it to accurately and repeatably measure any Copper (Type M and L), PVC, Galvanized and PEX pipe size: 0.75”, 1.0, 1.25”, 1.75”, 2.0”.

Note: Larger size PVC up to 4″ available, Consult Factory Request Quote.

Since bluebot is compatible with all residential pipe types and sizes, you simply need to make sure you have access to your main water line to confirm compatibility on your property. This is more relevant to multi-family properties such as apartments, condos, etc.

To successfully install bluebot, you will want to locate a section of pipe with at least 4.0” of accessible straight pipe, longer is better.

The pipe must not have any obstructions like fittings or dirt. To learn more about picking good pipe for bluebot, we recommend this article

If you would like to speak to a member of the bluebot team, simply navigate to Settings > Support from within the app and choose your preferred method of communication. Don’t have the app yet? e-mail us directly:

The bluebot device utilizes ultrasonic flow measurement, a method widely used for over 30 years.

There is an upstream and a downstream transducer within the device. The sound travels faster with the flow than against, and we measure the time it takes for the sound to travel between the transducers to calculate the current flow. Using our patented ultrasonic technology, bluebot adjusts the angle of the transducers in order to measure and accommodate many pipe sizes.

The data is securely streamed to the cloud and records over 42,000 data points each day. Live and historic data is relayed to the app in just seconds, making bluebot the industry leader in real-time flow data. This richness in data  gives you the highest level of property protection available on the market.

After connecting the device to your home Wi-Fi network and following the in-app guided setup,

Simply clamp bluebot to the outside of your full main water line and scan for flow.


Watch DIY Video


There are none!


Unlike the competitors, we don’t require any plumbers, electricians, water shutoffs, or surprise subscription fees.


At some point in the future, bluebot will introduce additional, optional features with a small additional cost. We will never limit core functionality behind a paywall.


As a thank you to our early adopters, everyone who purchases their bluebot before 1/30/21 will be grandfathered in to an exclusive Pro Lifetime Account which will get full access to all features (for life) with no additional fees.

We are currently working on the Android and web versions of the bluebot water app. Our estimated launch date is early 2021.


We deliberately focused on refining the iOS app to a level we confidently considered to be feature complete so we could then more efficiently deliver the same richness in data across every platform.


Read more about our mission here. 

Performance Specifications:



+\- 1.0% to 2.0% of flow reading (application, pipe size and type dependent)

Each unit calibrated on a NIST traceable calibration water flow loop standard, 4-point flow calibration.



+/- 0.2%


Low-Flow Capability:

0.2gpm to 0.5gpm (application, pipe size and type dependent)


High Flow Capability:



Operating Specifications:


Pipe Sizes:

0.75″, 1.0”,1.25″, 1.5″, 2.0”

Note: Larger size PVC up to 4″ available, Consult Factory Request Quote


Pipe Types:

Copper Type L, Copper Type M, PEX, PVC, Galvanized



110VAC, 10’ USB-C power cable (included)


App Compatibility:

iOS14 , web app & Android coming late 2021.


Physical Specifications:


Device Footprint:




IP67 outdoor use / water resistant

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