bluebot Water Monitor - Smart Home Water Monitoring & Leak Detection

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Why bluebot?

Others say they’re the same as bluebot, they are not. Consider these key factors:

  • Greatest pipe size/type capability on the market
    (Compare to others, limited pipe size/type)
  • Each unit is calibrated in our flow lab; calibration certificate available.
    (Others do not calibrate, make you do it, poor accuracy)
  • Indoor and outdoor use
    (Compare to others indoor use only)
  • Clamp bluebot directly onto any* water line you want to monitor
    (Compare to others limited locations or relying on street meter)
  • Dedicated power, no maintenance
    (Compare to others who use batteries—lower accuracy, battery change hassle)
  • Our background is in industry-leading flow technology 
    (Compare to other tech companies that are new to flow or don’t specialize in flow)
  • Highest data resolution on the market
    (Up to 6 decimal points)
  • Flexibility of alerting and sharing comes standard
    (Compare to others that require subscription) 
  • DIY install encouraged – SO easy! No pipe cutting, electricians, plumbers, wasteful calibration or water shutoff’s required
    (Compare to others where DIY install voids warranty)

bluebot is the only non-invasive, universal smart water meter designed by flow experts.


Use bluebot to conveniently monitor and track your water consumption and detect abnormal usage and water leaks in real time from our iOS application and web portal from anywhere in the world. Our smart home water meter transforms the way you use and budget your water in your home and business. 

The power of your purchase

We have partnered with The Ocean Cleanup to remove one pound of trash for every bluebot smart water meter sold.

bluebot 1-Pack 

Great for home or irrigation

bluebot 2-Pack

Great for home and irrigation

$1,024.00Add to cart

bluebot 3-Pack

Ideal for multi-property + irrigation

$1,495.00Add to cart

Smart Meter Rebate

Up to $200 rebates are available! check with your local water supplier and ask for your for Smart Meter Rebate.

Need More?

What you get:

For each unit purchased you get a bluebot smart water meter & complete setup kit. You can download the iOS app for free. Download Now >


  • For iOS operating systems only / Android coming soon
  • Unlimited live and historic water data
  • 3 custom alert types (time, gallons, dollars)
  • Weekly and monthly budgeting
  • Create individual device groups and group budgets
  • Multi property metering and device sharing
  • Device specific water bill
  • Unlimited family sharing
  • Dollarize™ your water
  • All features included standard
  • No subscription for feature complete app


*Pipe Sizes: 3/4″, 1.0”,1.25″, 1.5″, 2.0”

Pipe Types: Copper L & M, PVC SCH 40 & 80, Galvanized, PEX, PE.


Note: Larger size PVC up to 4″ available


Accuracy: +/- 1.0% to 2.0% of flow reading (application, pipe size and type dependent)


Repeatability: +/- 0.2%


Low-Flow Capability: 0.2gpm to 0.5gpm (application, pipe size and type dependent)


High Flow Capability: Max flow depends on pipe size


Connect using a standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. 


Dedicated 10-foot USB-C power cable with standard USA plug /110VAC.

Input power 5V, 1A

Note: No batteries required

Splash, Water and Dust Resistance

IP67 outdoor use rated / water resistant. Operating temperature from 32° F (0° C) to 122° F (50° C).

iPhone / iPad running iOS 14 or newer (Android and web portal coming soon!)

Note: Android phone compatibility expected September 15th, 2022.

The “bluebot water” app is currently only available to iOS users.

The bluebot beta web portal software is available to all users with an account and an installed device.

Note: Android beta application is expected to be available September 15th, 2022.

In the box

Each bluebot ships with a complete install kit. The box includes installation kit and replacement ultrasonic pads to be used as needed.

bluebot device1
10′ USB-C power cable1
Replacement coupling pads5
Microfiber towel1
Sandpaper disc1

Watch the video to learn more about the bluebot smart water meter.

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