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Remote Water Monitoring

Discover a new level of control and insight into your water usage like never before.

With a wide range of powerful features and a user-friendly interface, the Bluebot remote water monitoring App puts you in full command of your water. Remotely monitor your water 24/7, get text alerts catching costly leaks, and avoid unexpected billing surprises.


Pick the best plan for your Bluebot Smart Water Meter. Stay connected to your water like never before.



Data Access: Mobile App + Web Dashboard

Live Flow Streaming: 15 Seconds in App Only

Up to 2 Bluebot Flow Meters in App,
unlimited meters on Web Dash

Historical Data: 3 Months in App Only

Reports: Download via App Only (iOS)

View: Hour, Day, Month Flow Usage
Graph in App & Web Dash

Alerts: (1) One /meter (SMS & Notification)

Dollarize: Read flow in Dollars; Fine tune $/Gallon, $/Liter by inputting water bill info

Pipe Size: 3/4”, 1.0”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2.0”

Pipe Types: Copper, PVC, CPVC, PEX, PE, Galv.

24-hour response – submit tickets via email

Device Menu: Health & Status App Only

1-Year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects



/ mo. / meter (billed yearly)

Get 10% off meter price with
Premium Data Plan purchase.

Live Flow Streaming:
5 Min on App / Web Dash (coming soon)

Unlimited Bluebot Flow Meters (App & Web Dash)

View Historical Data in App & Web Dash

Historical Data: 12 Months in App & Web Dash

Reports: Download via App & Web Dash

Alerts: 3 /meter (SMS & Notification)

Special Alert: Flow Start / Stop
(SMS & Notification)

Budgeting: Set Dollar or Gallon budget (weekly/monthly) Get Notified & Coached

Add Large Pipe Sizes: 2.5”, 3.0”, 4.0”

Add Pipe Types: 304 & 316 Stainless Steel,
Ductile Iron

Device Menu: Health & Status App & Web Dash

*20% saving over equivalent custom choices.



/ mo. / meter (billed yearly)


View Historical Data in App/Web Dash | $0.99

Reports: Download via App/Web Dash | $0.99

High Resolution Data Add-On | $0.99

S3 Data Push Streaming | $0.99

Alerts: 3 /meter (SMS & Notification) | $0.99

Alerts: 6 /meter (SMS & Notification) | $1.29

Special Alert: Flow Start / Stop
(SMS & Notification) | $0.49

Budgeting: Set Dollar or Gallon (weekly/monthly) Get Notified & Coached | $0.99

Historical Data in App/Web Dash: 12mo. $1.19 | 24mo. $1.49 | 36mo. $1.99 | Unlimited $2.99

Lifetime Warranty on Mfg. Defects | 1.99

API Access (10,000 calls) | $60 mo.
Unlimited Devices

API Access (20,000 calls) | $120 mo.
Unlimited Devices


With the Bluebot water monitoring system, you can easily track your water consumption, detect leaks, and identify trends to reduce your water footprint and lower your costs. Enjoy configuration of your water monitoring ecosystem with a guided in-app installation process and meter configuration. Once online use our tools to capture and reduce your water consumption across all your properties. Our apps supports international time zones and multiple units of measure.

Configure your water monitoring ecosystem with our guided in-app installation process.
Real-Time Flow

Track live water usage patterns, detect leaks, and enhance efficiency with Bluebot’s real-time remote monitoring for instant visibility.

Dynamic Alerting

Stay informed and proactive with Bluebot’s customizable alerts, receiving instant updates on water usage, leaks, anomalies, and issues.

Historical Data

Track live water usage patterns, detect leaks, and enhance efficiency with Bluebot’s real-time remote monitoring for instant visibility.

Dollarize™ Water Usage

Input device specific water rates, optimizing water management with valuable financial insights by Dollarizing™ your usage.

Water Budgeting

Set consumption parameters effectively with our water goals feature, staying on top of your budget for sustainable water management.


Use the group functionality to create actionable lists of related devices. Share and distribute internal or external water costs.

Take Control of Your Water

Use our water management tools in the app to take control of your water

Configure alerts and budgets via the app and Bluebot will notify you about various water events or potential leak. Know your water and gain peace of mind.


Monitor and reduce your water usage expenses

Whether you’re looking to save money on your water bill, reduce water waste, protect against water damage, or improve the overall efficiency of your water management system, Bluebot is the ideal solution for you.

Property Manager + Business Owners

Commercial Light Industry

Growers + Agriculture

Homeowners + Associations

Institutions + Private Water

Upgrade your property, improve efficiency today! See how easy it is to save

No-maintenance universal compatibility

Discover the power of Bluebot: revolutionizing water management

Explore how the Bluebot remote monitoring system empowers you to take control of your water usage and unlock unprecedented efficiency and cost savings.

Watch this quick overview video to get started.

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Integrate flow data generated by Bluebot directly into your own software platform using the Bluebot Flow API. The Application Programming Interface (API), is a set of rules and protocols that allow the Bluebot Smart Flow Cloud to work with other software applications and share flow data efficiently.

1. Configure permissions on your API key for fine grained access control on your data
2. Query the API by the time ranges and granularities required by your application.
3. Set up custom equations using Bluebot proprietary FlowMath™ to retrieve time series computed from two or more meters.
4. Subscribe to real time flow to visualize or react to changes in flow as they happen.


To export high resolution data, visit the data export tool in your Web Dash to download on demand, or subscribe to S3 Data Push. It allows you to stream full resolution flow data into your own Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Bucket, providing scalable capacity to archive and retrieve your historical flow data.


(Coming Spring 2024) The Bluebot Web Dash complements the Bluebot App and is a web-based control panel for all things Bluebot. Log into the Web Dash through the website using the same account credentials as the App.

1. View graphs and historical data
2. Analyze your flow data
3. Do account administration
4. Adjust your subscription to select the modules and feature you need
5. Set up Flow API keys
6. Perform S3 historical data downloads
7. View and manage your entire fleet of Bluebot flow devices across all our properties.
8. Access custom modules built for your flow application
9. Manage teams and share access to meters between users

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