The Top 5 Flo by Moen Alternatives (2023)

Discover the 5 best Flo by Moen alternatives, including smart water monitor comparisons, product reviews, cost, and more.

Have you used a Flo by Moen smart water monitor but aren’t happy with its performance? Or maybe you’re in the market for a smart water monitor but want to cover all your bases before you make a decision.

If so, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve gathered the top five Flo by Moen alternatives for your consideration. 

As innovators in the water sector since 2017, our expert team here at bluebot is more than qualified to advise you on the best cutting-edge smart water leak detectors and monitors for the most efficient management of your water resources.

After reading this list, you’ll have all the data you need to make a smart and informed decision for your next smart water meter.  

Let’s dive in.

Best Flo by Moen Alternatives

Our bluebot smart water meter allows you to monitor and track your water consumption and detect water leaks in real time.

Whether it’s helping University of the Nations – Maui save $3,500,000 in water credits and enable campus expansion, helping a private water company avoid loss of water allocation, or helping car washes stay compliant with local regulations, our monitors allow homeowners and businesses across the country to not only save on their water bills and consumption but also make a difference toward a more sustainable future. 


bluebot is a great choice for someone who’s looking for a convenient way to access all their water consumption data in one place. 

After a quick and easy self-installation, users will have accurate and reliable data, enjoy wireless data access, configure alerts to match their current water needs (and budget), and even detect leaks and other water events – all from inside the app. 

Best of all, the bluebot’s dedicated power source means no battery changes or routine maintenance is required, either.


One big feature that makes bluebot unique in the market is that the device remains consistent in price across 80 different pipe type and size combinations, all the way up to 2 inches. 

Flo by Moen in particular, is limited to 1.25 inches. And for competitors that do measure to up to 2 inches, the price increases exponentially – while bluebot remains the same. 

Some of the other major benefits of the blubebot Smart Water Meter include:

  • Effortless installation. The bluebot’s universal clamp-on design makes for a quick and seamless DIY installation.
  • Access to accurate data. The blueblot’s use of ultrasonic technology ensures accuracy of +/- 1.0% to 2.0% of flow reading, and repeatability of +/- 0.2%, with a low-flow capability of 0.2gpm to 0.5gpm and unlimited high flow capability. 
  • Dynamic alerting. Customized alerts allow you to stay informed and proactive about water consumption, leaks, anomalies, and any other issues.
  • Easy analysis. Comparing current usage against historical data allows you to analyze your data for trends, allowing you to implement changes to save water – and money.
  • No routine maintenance. Because the meter doesn’t require any batteries to operate, you can just clamp and go. Barring events beyond prediction or control (such as catastrophic weather events or inquisitive wildlife), the blueblot smart water meter requires no ongoing routine maintenance.


Due to the bluebot smart water meter’s easy self-install and ease of use, you’re looking at a simple one-time cost of $539.00. We also offer a free demo program for businesses that need a handful of devices.


Among other things, happy users of the bluebot smart water meter have said they “should have bought it years ago” and that it is “amazingly easy to install and incredibly accurate.”

One user who manages a large estate said that while he had tried another smart water system first, “it wasn’t sufficient for our needs…you’ll be glad you invested in a piece of equipment that could potentially help save money and property. Anyone who has to pay a water bill, especially in California, would benefit from a bluebot.”

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2. Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant

The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant promises to teach you about your water use and help you control and manage your consumption. It works best for single-family residences.


In terms of functionality, the Phyn Smart Water Sensor is well-known for its accuracy. It also allows for hands-off capabilities through the Phyn app. 

To function, Phyn Plus will need

  1. A main water supply line 1 1/4″ or smaller
  2. Access to Wi-Fi at the installation location
  3. Power outlet within 12 feet of where the device is installed


In some ways, Phyn Plus seems very user-friendly. For one thing, the app seems fairly straightforward and intuitive (and works well with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant). On the downside, it’s recommended that you hire a certified plumber to do your installation, and the Phyn Plus may need to be adapted for use depending on your home’s pipes.


Key features of the Phyn Plus include an automatic shutoff valve that detects leaks and shuts the water off to prevent damage, remote shutoff options via the app, and a multi-site feature that allows you to add up to six properties per account. 

Other features include:

  • Durable and reliable construction. The Phyn Plus was developed to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions, both hot and cold. 
  • Pre-freeze warnings. Get notified of cold weather on the way in time to prep and avoid a frozen pipe or two.  
  • Water use insights. Initiate changes based on accurate data to save big on water-related expenses.
  • Plumbing checks. At the push of a button, the Phyn Plus plumbing check feature will point out areas to address that can allow you to get ahead of potential plumbing problems before they cause major damage.
  • Leak alerts. Paired with remote and automatic shut-off features, you can respond immediately to prevent major leak damage – even if you are still stuck at work.


The initial cost of a Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant is $579 dollars; however, this purchase does not include the cost of any adaptors that may be necessary. (Because Phyn Plus has 1″ NPSM male threaded ends, depending on your plumbing, a 1″ Female NPSM to male NPT adapter may be needed and must be purchased at your own expense.)


Overall, consumer reviews for the Phyn Plus are a bit of a mixed bag. While on its own site, the product has earned an average of 4.2 stars, customers who purchased their products through Home Depot give the product a combined 3.5-star rating, with comments ranging from “solid solution for comprehensive home water management“ to “pressure sensor failed and no longer detects leaks” to “wish it came with adaptor fittings.” 

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3. Flume Smart Home Water Monitor

The third of our Flo by Moen alternatives is the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor.


One of Flume’s best features is that it’s simple to install. Because Flume’s monitor attaches directly to your water meter, it’s compatible with 95% of homes and takes ten minutes or fewer to get up and running. 

Though Flume is intended for residential use, it could also work for smaller commercial settings as long as:

  1. You have a compatible and accessible water meter
  2. You have an Enterprise-class Wi-Fi network


Through the app, Flume helps you manage, monitor, and conserve water.


Flume includes many features found standard in the other devices on this list.

Features include: 

  • Easy-to-install Flume sensor that attaches directly to your water meter
  • Flume Bridge device that captures data and delivers it to your app
  • Household water budgets suggested within the app 
  • 24/7 leak detection 
  • In-depth water monitoring
  • Simplified and effective water conservation and management
  • Abnormal water usage and leak detection alerts


It’s important to note here, however, that these features depend on a smoothly running device, and as we will note below, there are mixed reviews on its performance.


Though at one point Flume charged separate subscription fees, their current model and service come bundled for a one-time cost of $249.


Though Flume’s review site includes thousands of satisfied customers (comments include “works GREAT” and “the best appliance ever!”), there are also over 250 one-star reviews, many of which cite faulty or unreliable devices as the source of dissatisfaction.

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4. PowerX Smart Water Meter


PowerX announced in October 2023 that this flow meter will be discontinued at the end of the year.

The PowerX Smart Water Meter affords you a complete view of your water usage in real time.


This Flo by Moen Alternative is super easy to install and use. Simply clip the meter on a pipe, connect the PowerX Hub to WiFi, sync it to the app, and access your data anywhere – both home and on the go.

The PowerX Smart Water Meter helps you track your water usage, access leak alerts, prevent overuse, and save money. With no ongoing maintenance required, once you have your meter installed, you’re set and good to go.


There are three main features that PowerX prides itself on. 

  1. Ultrasonic waves. These are used to track your water consumption. 
  2. AI technology. Over time, PowerX’s AI system learns your household patterns and usage. It then uses that data to track consumption, identify patterns, and suggest changes to help you identify potential leaks, identify waste, prevent overuse, and save money. 
  3. One Hub, multiple sensors. You can track up to ten sensors in one Hub. For those who own multiple homes or manage properties, this feature could be the deciding factor. 


It is important to know, however, that the PowerX is not universally compatible. To use PowerX, you must have CTS Copper (type M&L), CPVC, or PEX piping 1.5” in size. If your pipes do not meet these specific qualifications, the PowerX is not a good fit for you.


Together, the PowerX Water Meter and Hub are $239. However, if you plan to track multiple sensors in the same Hub, the products can be purchased separately for $189 and $50, respectively.


Reviews for the PowerX meter proved difficult to track down, which ultimately may not be a great sign. While there are no product reviews on their site, we were able to track down a thread on Reddit in which consumers have been discussing the PowerX, and the comments seem to point to both good and bad consumer experiences.

5. Streamlabs Water Monitor

Finally, our fifth Flo by Moen alternative is the Streamlabs Water Monitor.


After a simple five-minute installation, this water monitor offers 24/7 real-time water monitoring with an accuracy of 0.25 gpm low-flow detection, continual water flow measurement, and free Smart Alerts sending news of abnormalities when detected to your free iOS or Android app. 

Because it integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant, Streamlabs water leak detector touts itself as the next step in completing your smart home.


Key features of the Streamlabs system include:

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts
  • Home and Away leak detection modes
  • Temperature sensor – including freeze alerts 
  • Both historical and current water usage statistics
  • Comparative usage charts
  • Real-time insights
  • Customer smart alerts


Technical specifications include:

  • Compatible pipe sizes: 3/4 in. CTS, 1 in. CTS only
  • Compatible pipe type: Copper Schedule M & L, PEX, CPVC only
  • Power supply length: 10 ft. (additional extension cables available for purchase, 25 & 50 ft.)
  • Network: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Operating environment: indoor use only
  • And more


If you’re interested in this water monitor, make sure you take time to check the requirements to be sure it’s compatible with your home.


One of the pricier models on this list, the Streamlabs Water Monitor costs $389, with no added subscriptions or annual fees. On this upside, your purchase includes a full 2-year warranty.


Overall, this product has earned overall high ratings and reviews.

Customers say:

  • “This was the ideal monitor for me.”
  • “Love the peace of mind this device gives us!”
  • “This unit paid for itself many times over.”


In reading the lower-rating reviews, we found that they mostly cited the product’s limitations, such as the fact that it can only be installed indoors or that it is reliant on a power outlet and a consistent internet connection to function. A few also cite the lack of a remote shutoff feature as a major downside. 

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Choosing a Smart Water Monitor

In researching Flo by Moen alternatives, we’ve discovered quite a few easy, affordable, and high-value options. While a smart water meter can help you conserve water, prevent leaks, and save money for your home or business, not all water meters are equal.

While some products are clearly stronger than others, there are a few that simply offer different features. Knowing what you want to spend, which features you’d most appreciate, and what differentiates one meter from another are key factors in making your decision. 

In the end, consumers should take the time to research and compare smart water meter alternatives carefully before selecting one. If you’re ready to make a decision today, order the bluebot smart water meter and start saving on your water bills.