Connecting You
To Your Water

The bluebot universal smart home water meter is your

total water monitoring solution.

The bluebot universal smart home water meter is your total water monitoring solution.

The data you need to save water.

The bluebot ultrasonic flow meter is a revolutionary way to efficiently manage your water consumption and water cost allocation. Water is becoming more rare and expensive each and every day, that’s why we packed our practical application with features to help you conserve water, save money and better manage your property.

"Easiest to install water usage monitor"

No water shut-offs, no pipe cutting, no plumbers, no electricians, no batteries required.


One price from 3/4″ – 2″ Copper L & M, PEX, PVC, & Galvanized.


App guided, non-invasive installation.

Convert gallons to dollars with Dollarize™ 

Have you ever reflected on what your monthly water bill looks like broken down into weekly or daily intervals?
Or if your irrigation is typically costing you more than you‘d like?

We did. That is why we integrated the ability to Dollarize™ your water usage into the bluebot app,
allowing you to naturally think in dollars, not gallons.

a video of the bluebot water ios app custom alert function

Home Owners

Instantly create custom alerts to vigilantly monitor your water usage throughout the monthallowing you to naturally avoid water bill surprises, catastrophic water events and excess usage of a precious resource.

Property Managers

The bluebot universal ultrasonic water flow meter is an essential tool for property managers to better manage their water utility consumption and increase efficiency across their portfolio. Special Order Units available up to 4″ pipe size. 

a video of the bluebot water app displaying live flow

Vacation Rentals

Leave your property unattended for weeks at a time, knowing your water is under control. Factor usage costs into your rental agreement and protect your bottom line from water wasters. 

Save Money, Save Water




Saving water and money with bluebot is really simple.

Terry S.



I wish I had bluebot sooner, it would have saved me from a $700 water bill.

Mike T.


Michael G.



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