The smart home water monitor

Say goodbye to leaky pipes and expensive water bills with 24/7 home water monitoring and alerting.

Install Yourself

Our app will help you find the best location on your main water line to clamp bluebot on.

No Pipe Cutting

The patented non-invasive installation of bluebot takes just seconds, no toold required.

No Water Shutoffs

Don’t worry about shutting your water off or lengthy and wasteful calibration processes. 


Meet your new water assistant

The bluebot is an ultrasonic water flow meter that clamps on to on any residential water line. 

Gain total peace of mind from catastrophic water damage while you’re home or away with the bluebot water app.


Create custom alerts for budgeting, leak prevention, or resource management. Dollarize™ your water with your latest water bill values for real-time cost estimation.

a video of the bluebot water app displaying live flow

The bluebot app

No Delays
No Worries

The bluebot app is designed to be user friendly, data rich and flexible for the user. Therefore creating custom alerts and protecting your property from water damage has never been easier.

Reviews and Media

Saving water and money with bluebot is really simple.

Terry S.


Installed in minutes, now I can see how much water my kids are using. 

Will L.


This app and device helps track the consumption and leakage of water.

The Tech Panda

I wish I had bluebot sooner, it would have saved me from a $700 water bill.

Mike T.


Water has a lot to say when you listen


A true multi-tasker, bluebot monitors your property for leaks, reduces your bill and transforms your relationship with water through your smartphone.


A great gift for any home owner.


Take control of your water

Capturing around 43,200 data points per day, bluebot captures live flow data and streams it down to the app with a very minimal delay. Our state-of-the-art high-resolution capture of flow readings allow our platform to display your water usage patterns in great detail.

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