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To Your Water

The bluebot universal smart home water meter gives you the data you need to save.

One System

Universal Install. No Tools. AI Powered.

bluebot is the practical water monitoring system that empowers you to save money and improve water usage efficiency in real time.

bluebot is the practical water meter and monitoring system that empowers

 you to save money and improve water usage efficiency in real time.




Saving water and money with bluebot is really simple.

Terry S.


Installed in minutes, now I can see how much water my kids are using. 

Will L.


I wish I had bluebot sooner, it would have saved me from a $700 water bill.

Mike T.


This app and device helps track the consumption and leakage of water.

The Tech Panda

a video of the bluebot water ios app custom alert function


Practical, Flexible
And Easy To Use

Dedicated to improving the abstract nature of our planet’s most precious resource, bluebot is the practical water monitor/assistant designed to increase the total efficiency of water usage and help avoid costly, unexpected water bills. 

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Your New
Water Assistant

The bluebot is a universal ultrasonic water flow meter that clamps on to any residential water line.

a video of the bluebot water app displaying live flow

The bluebot app

Monitor Your Water From Anywhere

Gain total peace of mind from catastrophic water damage while you’re home or away with the bluebot water app.

Universal 7-in-1 Smart Home Water Monitor


Meet bluebot, the universal water monitor that fits nearly every pipe type and size, and installs without tools. Save money reducing your water bill, protect your home, vacation rental, properties and much more from catastrophic leaks.


Enjoy unlimited family sharing and alerting, all features included standard.


Real Live-Flow Data

The bluebot captures live flow data and streams it down to the app with a delay of just 1-2 seconds. Our state-of-the-art high-resolution capture of flow readings allow our platform to display your home or properties water usage patterns in great detail.

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