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Smart Water Meter

The world’s first universal clamp-on smart water meter & water data app.

bluebot is a non-invasive, universal flow meter designed to monitor and track your water consumption and detect water leaks in real time from our iOS application and web portal. Developed by flow industry experts, our smart home product transforms the way you use and budget your water.

smart water meter

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Use the power of ultrasound to deliver high definition water data to your smart phone.

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We make it easy.

The bluebot smart water meter is compatible with 35 pipe types/sizes. Our universal clamp-on design makes installation quick and easy. No water shut downs, pipe cutting or additional plumbing required.

Home Owners

One bluebot on your home provides peace of mind from plumbing failures, surprise water bills, and captures all your water use.

Property Managers

Take control of your properties water usage. Sub-metering with multiple bluebot's provide usage and cost allocation, managed by a single account.

Water waste has a heavy price — and it’s time to start saving.

Fresh water is the world’s most precious resource,

and the looming water crisis threatens its availability and affordability. As climate change accelerates devastating droughts, this global crisis can be felt at home. Monitoring your water consumption can reduce waste and avoid surprise bills. So, whether you’re looking to save money, save water or save the planet — bluebot gives you the data you need to get started.

One for one.

We have partnered with The Ocean Cleanup to remove one pound of trash for every bluebot smart water meter sold.

One Year Warranty

At bluebot quality comes standard, buy with confidence.

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Try bluebot risk-free for 30-days.

Customer Focused

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