Water Monitoring System

Reduce water usage
and costs by 30%

Experience real-time monitoring and independent measurement with bluebot. Our water monitoring system is designed for hassle-free installation with its easy clamp-on, non-invasive design. Enjoy the convenience of universal compatibility, making bluebot the most convenient water meter available.

Avoid Billing Surprises

Knowing your real-time water usage helps you save money instantly. Just like a speedometer in your car, being aware of your speed prevents costly speeding tickets. Similarly, being aware of your water usage allows you to take control and avoid unnecessary expenses.

24/7 Water Monitoring

Stay connected to your water supply round the clock with bluebot. Whether you're a homeowner or property manager, our system keeps you informed about any unusual water events, enabling you to take immediate action when needed.

Real-Time Water Alerts

Receive instant alerts on your phone - Customize your alerts and receive immediate notifications on your phone whenever there's an issue or potential water leak, helping you prevent excessive water usage and costly water damage.

Introducing bluebot

Smarter Water Control Starts Here

Say goodbye to manual readings and enjoy accurate, hassle-free water data. With bluebot, you can easily monitor usage, set alerts and track savings.


Start saving on water costs now!

Whether you’re looking to save money on your water bill, reduce water waste, or improve the overall efficiency and quality of your water management system, bluebot is the ideal solution for you.

Property Manager + Business Owners

Commercial Light Industry

Growers + Agriculture

Homeowners + Associations

Institutions + Private Water

Upgrade your property, improve efficiency today! See how easy it is to save

Introducing bluebot

Smarter Water Control Starts Here

Say goodbye to manual readings and enjoy accurate, hassle-free water data with remote monitoring. With bluebot, you can easily monitor usage, set notification alerts and track savings.


The smart water meter that makes water monitoring easy

The bluebot smart water meter clamps directly around your water pipe and records flow data which is sent to the cloud and then delivered to your phone. 

Accurate Monitoring

Our advanced ultrasonic flow technology provides highly accurate water usage data.


Installs on many pipe sizes and types and customize real-time alerts to your phone for various water usage events. Sub-metering comes standard.

No Maintenance

Easy DIY installation, health check diagnostics via the app, no moving parts, no pipe cutting, and no batteries to change.


The most convenient water management system ever made

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a water monitoring solution that's compatible with your city water meter or fits a specific pipe type and size. The bluebot smart water meter is a universal, independent, all-in-one solution that fits all major pipe types and sizes, making it easy for homeowners, property managers, and business owners to save money and conserve resources. 


The missing piece to your smart home

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is well under way.  Someday, everything will be connected in some way and this connection will add value to our daily lives.  From smart video cameras, door locks and thermostats, bluebot is now the answer for smart water.  You now have a smart water assistant watching over your water like never before ensuring your water security and giving you peace of mind.

35+ Years in Flow Technology

Unlike other smart water monitoring systems on the market, we were founded by flow industry experts with experience in the design and manufacture of flow meters -  so you can trust our accuracy and expertise.

Intelligent Water Management

Our smart water monitoring technology is revolutionizing the way we conserve and manage water resources.

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Average User Savings

Our Software

When you measure it, you can manage it.  

What if you knew your water usage every second?  Now you can with bluebot!

Get notified automatically to your smartphone when there is an issue. 

Patented sensor technology

We use transit-time ultrasonic technology to measure flow, a method widely used for nearly 25 years. With it's dual ultrasonic sensors, AI, adjustable angle technology and small foot print, the bluebot smart water meter is the most versatile tool for measuring water consumption ever created.

Data Analytics

Get insights into water usage patterns. Homeowners and property managers can optimize water consumption and improve efficiency. 


Custom Alerts

Cost Allocation

Historic Data

Dollarize your flow

Live Usage


It's estimated that by 2025, half of the world's population will be living in water-stressed areas

Using a smart water meter demonstrates that you are taking responsibility for your water usage and are committed to reducing your environmental impact. This proactive approach to water management benefits the planet and inspires others to take action toward a more sustainable future.

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Gallons Wasted Per Year on Average Household Leak

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Gallons Used Per Person Per Day on Average

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Irrigation Water Lost due to Inefficient Practices

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Hands-On Product-Led Demo Experience

Our team of experts will guide you through the demo process, train your team, answer any questions you may have, and help you get the most out of your bluebot smart water management devices.

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Experience the power of bluebot smart water management through our personalized white glove demo program.

Small Demo Program

  • 6 bluebot devices
  • 2 Training Sessions
  • 1 Technology Review

Designed for small-medium organizations with one-on-one training and deployment.

Large Demo Program

  • 10 bluebot devices
  • 3 Team Training Sessions
  • 2 Technology Reviews

Designed for medium-large organizations looking for structured, customized training and deployment.

Property managers trust bluebot for intelligent water management.

Real User Water Stories

Ready to optimize your water management strategy?

Explore our case studies and see how bluebot has helped businesses like yours improve their water efficiency and sustainability. Get inspired and start your journey to better water management today!

Hawaii University uses bluebot to save $3.5M in water credits and enable campus expansion

More sustainable water management practices made easy with bluebot. Join the movement

Private water company avoids loss of water allocation

See why a leading property management firm is deploying bluebot to replace less robust water monitoring devices

Web Portal View

Non Invasive Light Industrial Monitoring

Convenience and flexibility of bluebot allows niche commercial applications to be compliant with local regulations


Save water and reduce costs with bluebot today!

Discover how our smart water monitoring system can help your business improve efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.


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