Winter is coming – Monitor your water

We talk a lot about drought status here, mainly because we’re located in the heart of the California water crisis and it’s painfully obvious to us that the water situation isn’t getting any better as time goes on.

Let’s take a moment to explore the benefits of bluebot during the winter months

Home monitoring in general has year-round benefits

As temperatures drop, we’re generally indoors a lot more and we find ourselves using a lot more water. We often cook more, take longer showers, more frequent baths, and usually have more people over during the holidays. Guests that are unfamiliar with your fixtures may accidentally leave a shower or sink running for hours or days on end resulting in a large bill spike.

With a bluebot on your property’s water main you’re protecting yourself from water damage in the form of proactive leak detection and usage alerting. Additionally monitoring your irrigation line with bluebot provides that extra peace of mind for your irrigation system.

Most of us begin to turn off our irrigation during this time of year, but if you are sub-metering your main line and irrigation, you can set an alert to trigger on your irrigation meter to alert you to any flow occurring. Setting this alert can provide security from frozen pipes, a busted sprinkler head, or a faulty irrigation timer that turned on when it wasn’t intended to. You’ll also be able to see your usage and cost savings within the bluebot app, and begin to analyze trends over the seasons.

Monitoring your home’s water usage allows visibility toward better water management practices and peace of mind while you’re away.

This coming 2021-2022 Winter is forecasted to be colder than normal, which adds potential for frozen pipes. While bluebot can’t prevent frozen pipes, it can help to notify you of a frozen pipe burst and a subsequent leak, especially when you’re away.

As we feel safer traveling again for the holidays, many of us are relying on our smart home systems to keep our home secure and provide peace of mind. The bluebot smart water monitoring system can alert you of unexpected water usage when you’re away, allowing you to prevent costly water damage in your home.

In areas where frozen pipes aren’t a concern, but water rates are still on the rise, you can set budgets and create multiple alert types to help you better manage your usage in real time. You can even share access to the app with house guests so they can be mindful of their usage, too.

The accessibility to your water data and the flexibility of installation and alerting configurations makes bluebot the ideal solution for any property, and an excellent gift idea this holiday season.

Now is the best time to begin sub-metering your water!

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