Web Portal Coming Soon

Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce that our beta web portal is coming soon. Stay tuned for the launch of this new tool that will provide you with enhanced accessibility and convenience for managing your water usage.

We are excited to announce that development of our Web Portal is well underway! The web portal will provide much of the same features and functionality of our iOS app. The web portal will be an essential tool for property managers looking to monitor and manage their property portfolio with ease. While the iOS app supports multiple metering, it is ideal for users with less than 10 devices on their account.

Once launched, the web portal will continue to evolve and we will release new features and functionality such as enhanced reporting, alerting, and various data management and statistic capabilities by popular request.

The web portal will also serve as a web browser based solution for all of those interested in bluebot on Android — While commissioning will still need to be completed via an iOS (iPhone or iPad) device running iOS 14 or later, you will have full app functionality via any web browser.

We are nearly complete with our internal team testing and will release the web portal to a select number of early access customers for Alpha testing. Once released into Beta, all existing bluebot customers will receive access to the web portal.