Meet bluebot: The latest in smart home water technology


The bluebot device and app delivers true real-time water data. The delay from tap to app is often less than a second. Universal, non-invasive installation compatible on Copper (Type L & M) PVC, PEX & Galvanized pipes up to 2″ makes bluebot the most practical choice available on the market today. Once installed, customize the state of the art app for your unique goals – leak detection, water and cost savings. Create unlimited custom alerts and stay in the know. Input your water bill to get an accurate real-time cost estimate via the bluebot Dollarize™ feature. Quickly share with household and helpers to create a water savings team. Monitor multiple water lines with multiple bluebots to gain a full-picture of your water system and usage. The bluebot system is especially applicable for long-term and vacation-rental properties. Monitor from anywhere in the world for total water peace of mind. 




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Use the bluebot app + meter to monitor your water use and cost allocation.

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