Meet bluebot: The latest in smart home water technology

Our cutting-edge water monitoring technology integrates with your smart home, allowing you to track water usage, detect leaks, and optimize water management for increased efficiency and savings. Experience the future of smart home water technology with bluebot.

The bluebot device and app delivers true real-time water data. The delay from tap to app is often less than a second. Universal, non-invasive installation compatible on Copper (Type L & M) PVC, PEX & Galvanized pipes up to 2″ makes bluebot the most practical choice available on the market today. Once installed, customize the state of the art app for your unique goals – leak detection, water and cost savings. Create unlimited custom alerts and stay in the know. Input your water bill to get an accurate real-time cost estimate via the bluebot Dollarize™ feature. Quickly share with household and helpers to create a water savings team. Monitor multiple water lines with multiple bluebots to gain a full-picture of your water system and usage. The bluebot system is especially applicable for long-term and vacation-rental properties. Monitor from anywhere in the world for total water peace of mind.