Meet bluebot: iOS app overview

The bluebot 7-in-1 smart water monitoring system delivers industry leading, patented technology to put you in control of your water. Here we share a brief overview of the iOS app features.

After installing bluebot onto any Copper (Type L & M) PVC, PEX or Galvanized pipe up to 2″, you will land into your Summary screen where you can easily monitor all your bluebots with real-time water data. The delay from tap to app is often less than one second. We have designed the Summary screen for effortless multiple-metering of many water lines. Within each bluebot, you can customize your alerting preferences, share access, enter your water bill to receive more accurate Dollarize™ estimates, and set a coaching program to help reduce your bill and conserve water usage! Monitor your water lines from anywhere in the world from the easy to use bluebot water app.