California Considers $500 Fines for Water Wasters

In the midst of a severe drought, California is taking a strong stance against water wasters. A new blog post explores how the state is considering imposing hefty fines of up to $500 for those who waste water during this critical time. Learn more about this potential measure and the importance of responsible water usage in California.

Original article from KTLA | December 8, 2020

Worsening drought conditions prompting State Water Resource Control Board to consider $500 fines for water wasters.

Despite recent rains, California’s drought conditions continue to worsen.

Lake Mead the nation’s largest reservoir and a lifeline for water in Los Angeles and the West hit the lowest water levels in history this year, and currently sits at about 35% capacity.

Lake Mead Water Level (

Lake Mead is one of many reservoirs that are falling consistently short of historical averages.

Nine of the twelve reservoirs in California are still sitting well below their historical average, with 5 currently holding less than 30% of their capacity.

The State of California Water Resources shared this report on the latest reservoir conditions in California as of December 19, 2021

Creator: Allen J. Schaben | Credit: TNS  Copyright: 2021 Los Angeles Times

December, January and February historically contribute the most rainfall to California’s reservoirs. But as December draws to a close and the situation hardly changes, municipalities are now looking to tighten regulations on usage restrictions and implement fines for wasters. The California Water Boards released this notice of proposed emergency regulations that prohibits certain wasteful actions in an attempt to help conserve water supplies.

This comes after a growing number of cities (Arroyo Grande sets water usage restrictions – bluebot | Santa Cruz Stage 1 Water Shortage Warning – bluebot) have implemented water shortage household usage restrictions.

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