Dodie Mazzuca NCGA + bluebot

Dodie Mazzuca proudly representing bluebot in the latest publication.      Dodie Mazzuca, former LPGA Tour Player and Golf PROformance founder will introduce you

Web Portal Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that development of our Web Portal is well underway! The web portal will provide much of the same features and

App Updates

Hello bluebot users! Be sure to update your bluebot app in the iOS app store to gain access to the latest feature releases and updates

Thank You For Your Support!

A huge thank you for your overwhelming support!!   We have recently been inundated with orders and our manufacturing, QC and fulfillment teams are working

Support – Recording Your Screen

One of the most effective ways to provide feedback and receive timely tech support is by including certain details about the issue you are experiencing.

Getting started with bluebot

Getting started with bluebot is generally very quick and easy! Most home owners are able to complete installation within 15-20 minutes. In this video Matt

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