App Updates


Hello bluebot users! Be sure to update your bluebot app in the iOS app store to gain access to the latest feature releases and updates that bluebot has to offer.


The bluebot water app is currently on build 1.1.4


In the recent weeks, we have updated the following features and functionality:

  • App performance testing up to 10 meters (data ingestion speed)
  • Responsive installation screens and process (iphone SE etc)
  • Setting zero point for onsite calibration (no flow)
  • Improved sharing and sharing settings / capabilities
  • Push notifications implementation and settings around SMS vs. PUSH
  • Device offline warning
  • Support for zoomed devices
  • Minor bug updates and fixes (columns, tables, rows, formatting, text updates
  • Refine and reduce screen flow for installation from 14 screens to 6
  • Removed ‘at install location’ setup route
  • Ability to save data on log out and or delete data cached on phone
  • Low flow rate statistic added

We are continuing to refine the installation process, as we know that is a major pain point of all IoT devices. We are also making some small graphing adjustments that will further refine your ability to view your data, including hourly graphing, the removal of the 3m view (custom view will remain), and adjustment of the data points for improving the load time of historical data, especially on accounts with more than 5 meters.


If you have additional features, functionality, requests, questions about app performance or have your own suggestions to improve the bluebot water app, please let us know! We improve by hearing from our amazing users.


We are working with industry leading property managers to develop our web portal functionality. If you are a property manager and would like to get into our early access program, please contact us at for additional information.



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