Introducing Our New App: A Smarter Way to Manage Your Water

We are excited to share some fantastic news with you: our brand-new app is now available for download on both iOS and Android! Enjoy improved graphing capabilities that allow you to visualize your water usage patterns and trends effortlessly.

How Transit-time Flow Meters Use Ultrasound to Measure Home Water Flow

homeowner installing bluebot, a transit time flow meter for water pipes

Discover the innovative ultrasonic transit-time flow meter technology utilized by bluebot and unlock a new level of efficiency and control for your home or properties. Our cutting-edge technology offers unique advantages, providing accurate and reliable measurements of water flow. Learn how bluebot’s advanced flow meter technology can help you optimize water management, detect leaks, and make informed decisions for a more sustainable future. Explore the advantages of our ultrasonic flow meter technology and revolutionize your water monitoring experience with bluebot.

Maximizing Accuracy and Efficiency: The Advantages of a Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

homeowner installing bluebot, a transit time flow meter for water pipes

Discover the power of ultrasonic flow meters for precise and reliable measurement of fluid flow. Our cutting-edge ultrasonic flow meter technology provides accurate readings without the need for intrusive installation or disrupting the flow. Monitor and optimize your water processes with ease, ensuring efficiency and cost savings. Explore the benefits of bluebot ultrasonic flow meters and revolutionize your flow measurement capabilities today.

bluebot Co-Founder Matt Olin featured on Why Sports Podcast

Discover the insights and inspiration behind bluebot as founder Matt Olin takes center stage on the Why Sports podcast. Join us as Matt shares his vision for revolutionizing water management in sports and highlights the journey that led to the creation of bluebot. Gain valuable industry perspectives and unlock the secrets to achieving sustainability and efficiency in sports facilities. Tune in now to hear Matt Olin’s captivating story on the Why Sports podcast.

Dodie Mazzuca NCGA + bluebot

Dodie Mazzuca, former LPGA Tour Player and Golf PROformance founder, will showcase the revolutionary benefits of bluebot on the golf course. Get ready to discover a new way of thinking about water management in golf, as Dodie represents bluebot and leads the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future for the sport. Don’t miss out on this exciting collaboration that will transform the way you approach golf course water management.

Web Portal Coming Soon

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce that our beta web portal is coming soon. Stay tuned for the launch of this new tool that will provide you with enhanced accessibility and convenience for managing your water usage.

Thank You For Your Support!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our valued customers for their unwavering support. Your trust and loyalty have been instrumental in our success. We are committed to continually improving our products and services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are grateful for your partnership and look forward to serving you with excellence for years to come.

Meet bluebot: The latest in smart home water technology

Our cutting-edge water monitoring technology integrates with your smart home, allowing you to track water usage, detect leaks, and optimize water management for increased efficiency and savings. Experience the future of smart home water technology with bluebot.

Water leaks: the most common causes

Detect and prevent water leaks with bluebot, the advanced water monitoring solution. Safeguard your property and ensure efficient water usage by addressing leaks early on with our innovative water leak detection technology.