Lookout Lab Releases the Bluebot Smart Water App and Flow Meter

Monitor your water flow with ease using bluebot flow meter. Accurately track and analyze your water usage, detect leaks, and take control of your consumption. Experience the power of precise water monitoring with bluebot flow meter.
  • World’s First “Dollarized” Smart Water App for Consumers and Small Businesses
  • Free Lifetime Subscription to App
  • Patented “Clamp-on” bluebot Flow Meter Design Fits on Any Pipe Type and Size

Lookout Lab today announced the general commercial release of bluebotTM, a unique smart home app and flow meter that helps users finally understand how they use water, and coaches users to help them save both water and money. Bluebot is ideal for consumers, homeowners, property managers, short-term and vacation property owners, and restaurants, hotels and other small businesses. General availability comes after the company recently completed a successful Indiegogo campaign.

Bluebot is a total solution for the smart home that offers an unrivaled simplicity to water management and helps deliver significant cost savings for its users.

The new Bluebot app and device offers unrivaled simplicity to water use and helps deliver significant savings to users.

The app provides users unique insights into their water usage and costs. Most consumers receive a confusing water bill with little understanding of how water was used, which activity used how much water, and how much water each activity costs. The bluebot app allows users to view their live and historical water usage. The app includes a novel coaching feature, which helps users achieve conservation and money savings goals over time. Using alerts and triggers, if water is being wasted, for example due to a leaking pipe or running toilet, the app will notify the user via text message.

The app ensures that all data are straightforward and “dollarized” so that users can see the tangible impact that water consumption is having on their finances. Users can also share the app and data with many others to engage the entire family, maintenance people, tenants or business associates in achieving water management and cost savings objectives.

The device accompanying the app is compact, about the size of an adult fist, with a one-of-a-kind “hair clip” style mechanism to clamp around any water pipe type of almost any size. Bluebot can be easily installed on any property. Importantly, one bluebot fits all: installation does not require a plumber or contractor and does not require cutting pipe or turning off the water. Once the device is clamped on and connected to the internet, it is fully and simply managed by the mobile app. Users can have multiple devices all managed by the same app.

Visit www.bluebot.com for more information.

CONTACT: Nicole Barkis, 831-920-2141, nicole@barkis.co

SOURCE Lookout Lab, Inc.