Snow Droughts in the Western U.S. and What They Could Mean for Your Water Bill

Did you know that snowfall levels, or the lack thereof, can have a direct impact on your water bill? A phenomenon known as "snow drought" is causing concerns for water availability in many regions. Learn how snowpack levels influence water supply, conservation measures you can take, and how bluebot can help you monitor and manage your water usage during these challenging times. Stay informed and be proactive in addressing the effects of snowfall levels on your water bill.
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How Snowfall Levels Can Affect Your Water Bill

Snowfall and your water bill might seem unrelated, but if you live in the western part of the U.S., they’re not.

The water infrastructure of much of the western part of the country relies on melting water sources, which have declined. More concerning, projections show a further – and much more drastic – decline over the next century.

Can climate change affect water prices?

When water availability depends on meltwater, it’s easy to see how a warmer-than-average climate can quickly deplete those resources. Continued snowfall replenishes the snowpack, while lack of it, coupled with higher temperatures, does the opposite.

This year has already seen warmer fall and early winter temperatures. In addition to the snowpacks, other water sources (such as the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River) are lower than normal due to less precipitation.

Reports suggest the only way to stop the current decline of these snowpacks is months of above-average precipitation.

While the near future is concerning, the outlook for the longer view is more so. Add in fuel emissions, which only drive the dwindling snowpack levels, and a report in Science Alert indicates it’s possible California’s snow season will be virtually non-existent by the end of the century.

Water, one of our greatest natural resources, is definitely in trouble, and the result will be increasing water bills.

What can we do to better understand water usage?

A lack of a resource naturally drives up prices. But this lack of available water won’t only affect water bills. It extends devastating consequences to vegetation and wildlife as well.

So, what steps can we take currently, as individuals, to measure our water usage and make responsible changes?

bluebot is the first universal, clamp-on smart water meter. With a unique, simple design that attaches easily to nearly any water pipe (no cutting or plumbers needed), bluebot delivers data points that are as convenient and digestible as they are detailed. We make it simple to understand how much water you’re using and give you on-demand access to water data directly from your smartphone.

a video of the bluebot water app demonstrating the historic data charts and graphing system

With bluebot, you can better understand your water usage. We give you budgeting tools and alert you if there are leaks or other concerns that can impact your bill.


bluebot was designed to transform the way you use and budget water. We help customers understand and control their water use like never before. Learn more about bluebot.

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