Never Be Caught Off Guard by a Plumbing Disaster Again: 3 Smart Plumbing Products Every Home Needs

Discover the key to early detection, prevention, and peace of mind with these essential smart plumbing products.

Imagine this: you’re running your normal Saturday errands and your weekend is off to a great start. 


Then you get home and your heart drops.  


You’ve come home to a running toilet that’s been wasting water for hours, not only causing a huge inconvenience to your life, but also leading to an unexpected, sky-high water bill. 


It’s a homeowner’s nightmare come true. 


But what if you could’ve prevented this scenario altogether? 


Or maybe you’re one of the unlucky ones who’ve already experienced a plumbing disaster and want to make certain you never have to relive that horror again.


Either way, you’re in luck. Because with the latest advancements in smart home plumbing products, you can prevent these disasters from happening in the future.  


Today, there are smart plumbing products available to homeowners and property managers alike that allow you to monitor and control your plumbing systems remotely using a smartphone or other device connected to the internet.


And by investing in the right smart technology, you can not only avoid costly repairs but also conserve water and save money in the long run. 


In this blog, we’ll introduce you to three smart plumbing products that every home needs to prevent plumbing disasters and keep your water bill under control.

water data in the palm of your hand

Benefits of Using Smart Plumbing Products

Smart plumbing products offer a multitude of benefits for homeowners and property managers. From early detection and prevention of plumbing issues to saving water and money on repairs, these products are game changers in the world of home maintenance. 


Not only do they provide peace of mind and added convenience, but they also enhance the overall efficiency of your plumbing system. 


In this section, we’ll delve into the specific advantages of using smart plumbing products and how they can improve your daily life.

Ability to detect and prevent plumbing issues

Smart plumbing integration can prevent plumbing issues by detecting and alerting users of early warning signs of leaking and burst water pipes. 


These preventative measures can include the installation of a smart leak detector under the sink or near water heaters that can detect high water pressure levels. 


Through the active detection and monitoring of smart water products, you’ll always know when there’s an issue and be able to address it before it turns into a disaster. 


And you’ll prevent yourself from falling into the group of homeowners whose average home insurance claim for water damage is nearly $11,098! (And I know you’d hate to be a part of that statistic).

Water consumption and cost savings

Have your long, hot showers sent your water bills through the roof? 


Or maybe you haven’t noticed.


But imagine getting presented with a bill each time you step out of the shower. 


That’s essentially what some smart plumbing products can do. They can track how much water you’re using, when you’re using it, where it’s being used, and more. 


They allow you to monitor and budget for your water usage in real-time.  


Some smart plumbing products like smart toilets, showerheads, and faucets can even use less water per flush or minute. 


Think of it this way, if every home in the US installed WaterSense-labeled showerheads, we could collectively save more than $2.9 billion dollars annually in water utility bills. 


For any property manager, expect happy tenants when you can ensure them with low utility bills and maintenance issues. 


Smart plumbing products can also adjust the water temperature or set schedules for specific appliances as well. Did you know the average household saves between 4-22% on their energy bills by reducing their hot water use alone?

Improved efficiency and convenience

The third benefit of smart plumbing technology is that it can improve the efficiency and convenience of your plumbing systems. 


Manual plumbing and water monitoring can be a time-consuming and energy-draining task for homeowners. 


It requires constant attention and checking, especially for those with older plumbing systems that are more prone to leaks and malfunctions. 


This constant monitoring can distract homeowners from other important responsibilities and take up valuable time and energy. 


With smart plumbing products, however, this manual labor can be greatly reduced. Because smart plumbing products can be controlled and monitored remotely on mobile apps, allowing homeowners to adjust settings and monitor usage even when they’re on the go.


This means more time and energy to spend on other important tasks, and less stress and worry about potential plumbing problems.


Now that we’ve covered the benefits of smart plumbing, it’s time to take a closer look at the specific products that can help you take advantage of these benefits.


Ready to upgrade your plumbing game? 


Check out the top 3 smart plumbing products every home needs in the next section.

The 3 Best Smart Plumbing Products Every Home Needs

bluebot smart water meter

Smart Water Meter: bluebot 

A bluebot smart home water meter is one of the best smart plumbing products you can invest in for your home. 


This device provides real-time monitoring and alerts of water usage and can help you identify any unexpected water leaks or spikes in your water bill. It’s an especially great tool when you get a high water bill but have no visible leak.  


And one of the biggest advantages of bluebot compared to other smart water meters is its adaptability and simplicity. 


The bluebot smart water meter can easily clamp on to 36 different pipe types and sizes, and doesn’t require any professional help to install. 


It’s a no-brainer for homeowners or property managers looking to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their home or property’s water usage.


Check out the full list of features below:

  • DIY installation: No special tools or plumbing required, no pipe cutting, water shutoffs or wasteful calibration needed.
  • Universal clamp-on design works with ¾” – 2” pipe sizes
  • Compatible with Copper L & M, PVC Sch 40 & 80, Pex, and Galvanized pipe types
  • Warranty covers indoor and outdoor applications 
  • Monitor and track real-time water data 
  • Gain access to the highest resolution of water data available on the market
  • Sub meter with ease: manage multiple bluebots on various water lines from one account
  • Configurable alerts based on your needs 
  • Dollarize™ your usage to understand and control usage 
  • Share usage data with family members or property helpers to create a water savings team
  • The average bluebot user reduces their water consumption by over 30%

See where bluebot stands among other water monitors

Bulldog valve

Smart shutoff valves: Bulldog valve

A smart shutoff valve is another essential smart plumbing device that every home should have. 


These devices are designed to automatically turn off the water supply to your home in the event of a water leak or other plumbing emergency and can save you from expensive water damage repairs, and minimize the amount of water wasted due to leaks.


We recommend the Bulldog valve by EcoNet Controls because of its durability, easy installation, and compatibility with different types of pipes.


It also has a long battery life and low maintenance requirements.


Check out more features of the Bulldog valve below: 

  • Easy installation, no special tools needed, fits over existing levered ball valve 
  • Size ½” – 1.5” valves (Smart Home Controller Required)
  • Highly compatible with popular smart home controllers such as SmartThings, Wink, Nexia, and more
Kohler Smart Toilet

Smart toilet systems: Kohler Smart Toilet Karing

A smart toilet system is another great addition to any home’s plumbing setup. 


These toilets go beyond traditional toilets by incorporating advanced features such as automatic flushing, self-cleaning, and water conservation. 


A high quality and popular smart toilet system is the Karing Smart Toilet by Kohler. This toilet features a touchless flush and a built-in bidet, offering a more hygienic and convenient bathroom experience. 


It also pairs to the Kohler Konnect app, which allows for customizable personal preferences, including temperature and pressure control for the bidet, and a remote control for the seat and lid.


Check out more features below:

  • Water-saving features, such as dual-flush technology and automatic shutoff.
  • Power Lite flushing technology allows for a water-efficient 1.08-gallon flush.
  • Automatic flushing technology that can be controlled by a touch screen remote or backup button.
  • Adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate and oscillate functions.


While smart toilets offer a high-tech and convenient solution to traditional toilets, it’s no secret that they’re super expensive.


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option to improve your plumbing system, smart shutoff valves and smart water meters may be the way to go. 


These products can provide real-time monitoring and alerts for water usage, helping you identify any unexpected water leaks and prevent costly repairs. 


Plus, both smart shutoff valves and smart water meters are relatively easy to install and use, making them a practical solution for homeowners or property managers looking to enhance their plumbing system without breaking the bank.


Which is why…

If You Only Get One, Get bluebot

Out of the three smart plumbing products discussed, the bluebot smart water meter is the most versatile and cost-effective option for homeowners or property managers. 


And here are three reasons why: 

Real-time monitoring

bluebot is a better option than smart shutoff valves and smart toilet systems because it provides real-time monitoring of water usage – which allows you to have a complete understanding of your water consumption and quickly identify any unexpected water leaks or spikes in your bill. 


In comparison, smart shutoff valves only prevent water damage and don’t offer the same level of insight into water usage as a smart water meter. 


Alternatively, smart toilet systems are an expensive option and don’t provide the same level of monitoring and control as a smart water meter.

Insight into water usage 

The bluebot smart water meter also provides unparalleled insight into water usage in your home, making it a better option than smart shutoff valves and smart toilet systems.


With bluebot, you can easily track your daily, weekly, and monthly water usage and set custom alerts to help you adjust your habits to conserve water and save money on your monthly bills. 


Smart shutoff valves and smart toilet systems can serve important functions for homeowners and property managers, but they don’t offer the level of insight into water usage that a smart water meter can provide. 


For instance, a smart shutoff valve can be incredibly helpful in preventing water damage by automatically shutting off the water in case of a leak, but it doesn’t show you the amount of water being used in real-time. 


Similarly, a smart toilet system can offer convenient features like automatic flushing, but it also doesn’t provide any information on water usage.


Only bluebot provides a level of insight that can help you reduce water waste, detect potential leaks earlier, and manage your water usage more efficiently.

blubot install on pipe

Easy installation 

The last thing you want to do after investing in a smart plumbing product is spend hundreds more on installation fees and required set-up equipment. 

That’s why the bluebot smart water meter is the best option compared to a smart shutoff valve and smart toilet system – because it takes no professional assistance to install and can easily clamp on to 36 different pipe types and sizes.

If you choose to use a smart shutoff valve, you’ll have to call a professional plumbing service, and could even end up having to make changes to your main water line, which is a headache in itself. 

With a smart toilet system, you’ll have to have a professional remove your existing toilet and then install the new one, which can require a lot of time and money. 

These three smart plumbing products all offer their own unique benefits, but the bluebot smart water meter is the most convenient and cost-effective option for easy installation, providing valuable insights into water usage, and delivering real-time monitoring capabilities.


In conclusion, smart plumbing products offer numerous benefits for homeowners and property managers, including early detection and prevention of plumbing issues, water and cost savings, and improved efficiency and convenience. 


For the savvy property manager, you should count on water monitoring systems to easily and accurately monitor tenants’ water usage. 


And for homeowners, before you can set any goals for reducing your water bills, you need insight into how much H20 is moving through your pipes in the first place. 


Allow bluebot to show how you view your water consumption to prevent water bills that create dents in your wallet as big as your pipes.


You might have tried the rest, but now it’s time to put your trust in the best. 


Key Takeaways:


Bluebot For Homeowners:

  • Monitor instant and historical water data all at the click of a button
  • View your water usage in dollars to be motivated to set budgets and use goals
  • Get notified of unexpected usage before excessive damage can occur


Bluebot For Property Managers:

  • Install multiple clamps and monitor all of your tenant’s pipes from a single account
  • Measure water usage in dollars to know how to accurately allocate costs for utility bills
  • Identify excess usage, fix pipe leaks and bursts before they happen (aka –  prevent spending thousands on fixing your tenant’s systems)
  • Ensure happy tenets that aren’t calling about leaks on the daily