How to Install and Use a Non-Invasive Water Meter

A non-invasive water meter is the best way to measure water usage in your home or property. Unlike in-line flow meters, bluebot installs in minutes – no plumber necessary.

With a universal, clamp-on design, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to start tracking your water consumption and saving money.

Benefits of bluebot – a non-invasive water meter

Save your pipes

With a non-invasive water meter, there’s no need to cut pipes to install it. Other flow meters are installed “in-line,” meaning they are part of the plumbing line. The water flows through the pipe, then through the flow meter, then into the rest of the pipe. But with a non-invasive water meter like bluebot, you simply attach the flow meter to the outside of your water pipe. No slicing, no dicing.

Safe to DIY

Since there’s no need to make cuts to your pipes, there’s no need to call in a plumber (unless you’d like to have some company). You can install a non-invasive water meter like bluebot all on your own, without special tools.

Self-guided installation

Go at your own pace by using our self-guided installation instructions, which are included in your bluebot water monitoring app. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Universal design

bluebot’s clamp-on design means it works on virtually any pipe—no need to worry about sizing, hose threads, male or female attachments, or pipe material. bluebot works on pipes from ¾” to 2” in diameter, in copper, PEX, PE and more.

Track water

Thanks to ultrasonic technology, non-invasive flow meters can track water flow with precision, letting you track water usage and make no-hassle, real-time adjustments.

Spot leaks

Non-invasive water meters let you get started right away pinpointing leaks, monitoring usage, and tracking every drop without waiting around for a professional appointment.

How to Install bluebot

Our clamp-on water meter is seriously easy to install, with no tools and no batteries required. Everything you need comes in your kit.

Homeowner attaches bluebot, a non-invasive water meter, to a pipe in her home

You’ll need to know where your water main line and main water shut off valve are located to place bluebot in the right spot. After that, it’s a simple process to clamp on, plug in, and set up your bluebot. We walk you through the whole thing in the in-app instruction manual.


And if you have questions or get stuck, don’t worry — we have a support team with real people who can help.

How bluebot Works

bluebot uses Ultrasonic Technology to provide a non-invasive way to measure your water flow. Dual ultrasonic sensors detect water movement along with AI and adjustable angle technology to determine the exact flow of water through your pipes. bluebot offers accuracy to within 1% (dependent on pipe size) and repeatability of +/- 0.2%.


Then bluebot takes that raw data and converts it to information you can actually use, streaming it wirelessly to the bluebot app on your smartphone where you can see the readouts of live and archived data.

You can customize the alerts, budget weekly or monthly, and even add multiple properties and family sharing to your account. It’s seamless and easy with bluebot.


Get started with the non-invasive water meter that clamps on to any pipe and provides smart water tracking you can use. Shop bluebot today.