Aridification of the West: The Dangerous Effects and How to Join the Solution

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With the bluebot smart water meter, you can play a crucial role in combating California’s aridification and the effects of drought. By gaining precise insights into your water usage and identifying areas for conservation, you can make a measurable and positive impact on water conservation efforts. Discover how bluebot empowers you to take control of your water consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future for California. Learn more about the innovative features and benefits of the bluebot smart water meter today.

How bluebot helped University of the Nations Campus save $3.5 million

Using the data collected from the bluebot devices, the UNK team conducted a comprehensive water usage assessment from September 2022 to March 2023. The assessment included analyzing per capita water use rates for both residents and day visitors, as well as evaluating historical water consumption and conservation initiatives implemented on the campus.

How To Protect Your Property Against Irrigation System Leaks

Discover how using a smart water meter can prevent damage from irrigation system leaks. If one thing is for sure, your home’s irrigation system can use a lot of water. You always want to ensure you use every last drop efficiently.   But here’s the thing.   Preventing irrigation water waste is challenging, especially considering […]

9 of the Best Ways to Conserve Water at Home

If you’re seeking simple and effective ways to conserve water both at home and in your daily life, we’ve compiled a list of nine outstanding ideas that will not only help combat the drought but also save you money. These practical tips and practices are designed to make a measurable impact on water conservation, enabling you to contribute to a more sustainable future while keeping your wallet happy. Discover our top recommendations and start making a positive difference today.

How to Read Your Water Meter

Green Water Meter

How do I read my water meter? We’ve compiled a simple explanation about reading both analog and digital water meters.

The High Price of Secondary Water Damage

Visible water damage can make any homeowner shudder. But many don’t consider secondary water damage, like mildew, rotting wood & bacteria. Learn how to prevent it.

How Utility Providers Can Adapt for Extreme Droughts

Drought situations continue in most of the country, and water utility companies have to react to encourage conservation and keep taps flowing. There are measures that can help consumers feel more in control of their water use and make better decisions that ultimately impact us all.

How to Prevent Water Leaks and Maximize Leak Protection

There are ways to minimize the chance of home water leaks. One of the best ways is to purchase a smart home water meter. Our bluebot home water meter gives you real-time data about your water use through an app for your smart phone.

California Considers $500 Fines for Water Wasters

In the midst of a severe drought, California is taking a strong stance against water wasters. A new blog post explores how the state is considering imposing hefty fines of up to $500 for those who waste water during this critical time. Learn more about this potential measure and the importance of responsible water usage in California.

Arroyo Grande sets water usage restrictions

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Arroyo Grande Implements Water Usage Restrictions: Joining the Growing List of California Cities. As water scarcity concerns persist, Arroyo Grande takes proactive measures by implementing water usage restrictions. Stay informed about the latest developments and learn how bluebot can help you track and manage your water consumption efficiently. Be part of the movement towards responsible water usage in California’s evolving landscape.