How to Prevent Water Leaks and Maximize Leak Protection

There are ways to minimize the chance of home water leaks. One of the best ways is to purchase a smart home water meter. Our bluebot home water meter gives you real-time data about your water use through an app for your smart phone.

Water damage can be devastating for homeowners. Carpet, hardwood floors, drywall, furniture and even important family mementos are damaged every year by leaks. If a leak isn’t caught quickly, the homeowner is likely get hit with a huge water bill. Household leaks are not just costly to homeowners. According to the EPA, household leaks can waste nearly 900 billion gallons of water annually nationwide.

How can you minimize water leaks?

There are ways to minimize the chance of home water leaks. One of the best ways is to purchase a smart home water meter. Our bluebot home water meter gives you real-time data about your water use through an app for your smart phone. With access to this information, you can spot leaks quickly, even when you aren’t home. This makes the bluebot smart water meter an excellent choice for second and vacation homes. Having bluebot means you can catch when the faucet is left running or see that your irrigation system is using much more water than necessary. Once you understand your water usage, you’ll know when something seems amiss.

How bluebot saves real water for real people.

bluebot can help uncover a serious problem, like it did for our customer, Bill.

Bill purchased multiple bluebots when, between him and his neighbor’s property, they were using 50,000 gallons of water per month. This usage was putting his water supply at risk, as the local water company only allocated a certain amount per year and he was on track to exceed that limit. Previously, the neighbor had not been able to find the leak – only identify the excess water usage – with another well-known water meter brand that clamps on to the street meter.

Bill used multiple bluebot devices to thoroughly monitor and hone in on his water usage issues. The first application was on his irrigation line. He found that his irrigation was leaking (noticing flow when the irrigation system should have been off). This amounted to about 4,000 gallons of excess water usage. His irrigation bluebot allowed him to track this back to his irrigation line and identify that he had a broken sprinkler head.

But he knew he still had a problem as the total usage was still far too high. He then placed two bluebot devices up and down the line to identify where a suspected leak in the line might have been occurring. He saw that no water was being used but the bluebot up the hill was recording water usage, while the downstream bluebot was not showing the expected flow. Thanks to the convenient non-invasive design of bluebot, Bill was able to systematically move the devices closer together to identify the section of pipe causing the issue. By using the two bluebot and adjusting their location along the line, it allowed Bill to identify the approximate midpoint, locate that there was a suspicious wet spot on the property coming from underground, and dig up the line to find the leak. When this line was exposed, a 30-foot geyser shot out.

Through submetering with bluebot, Bill and his neighbor were able to save what would have been another $5,000 water leak and keep their water supply in good standing with the local municipality, when the competing water meter was not able to deliver.

Ways to prevent water leaks.

Here are helpful options for minimizing your chances of a costly home water leak:

  • Look for leaks: Even a minor leak can lead to major excess water waste (and cost) if not fixed in a timely manner. Check all your faucets and underneath sinks and appliances for signs of leaking water.
  • Check your sump pump: If your home has a sump pump, make sure it is working and has regular maintenance.
  • Clear your gutters: Gutters clogged with leaves and debris will cause water to drain down the side of your house, possibly damaging your siding and your foundation.
  • Act quickly if you see mold or moisture: Mold is never a good sign, and if you see visible signs of moisture in your home where it shouldn’t be, you need to locate the source before it gets worse.

Let bluebot help you minimize the chance of home water leaks.

If you want to monitor your water use and need a solution that’s easy to install, bluebot is your answer. With the unique clamp-on design, bluebot attaches to virtually any pipe, with no need for cutting or help from a plumber. The bluebot app sends information you can use, and share among your family, to make saving water and catching costly leaks a group effort.

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