7 Best Remote Vacation Home Monitoring Systems

vacation home

Remote vacation home monitoring systems ensure security, protect assets, offer peace of mind, and enable swift response to emergencies, enhancing property safety and investment protection.

The Best Types of Water Saving Technology for Landlords in 2023

Life, as we know it, depends on water. It’s no wonder the average American family uses over 300 gallons of it per day. But with rapidly depleting resources, increasing population, and climate change, monitoring water usage has become a rising concern worldwide – especially for all you landlords and property managers out there. At bluebot, […]

How bluebot helped University of the Nations Campus save $3.5 million

Using the data collected from the bluebot devices, the UNK team conducted a comprehensive water usage assessment from September 2022 to March 2023. The assessment included analyzing per capita water use rates for both residents and day visitors, as well as evaluating historical water consumption and conservation initiatives implemented on the campus.

How To Save Money On Your Water Bill – 5 Easy Tips (+3 bonus tips)

The different tools and procedures that can help any property owner save on water bills Are you tired of getting hit with a high water bill every month, causing unnecessary stress on your finances?   We understand that water conservation is essential not only for your wallet but for the environment as well. That’s why […]

The Ultimate Guide: How To Stop A Water Leak

Water leaks pose a significant threat to both water conservation efforts and the integrity of your property. By promptly addressing and fixing leaks, you can play a crucial role in reducing water waste and preserving this invaluable resource.

How To Read A Water Meter

Green Water Meter

Whether you’re a homeowner or property manager, maintaining a vigilant watch over your water usage is crucial. By gaining insights into your consumption patterns, you can proactively identify potential leaks and optimize your utility bills.

Never Be Caught Off Guard by a Plumbing Disaster Again: 3 Smart Plumbing Products Every Home Needs

Kohler Smart Toilet

Unlock the secret to preventing plumbing disasters and saving money with the bluebot smart water meter, alongside two other essential smart plumbing products. By incorporating the bluebot smart water meter into your home, you gain real-time insights into your water usage, detect leaks early, and take proactive measures to conserve water and reduce costs. Combined with the power of two other cutting-edge smart plumbing solutions, you can ensure optimal performance, prevent costly repairs, and experience peace of mind. Discover the key to a smarter and more efficient plumbing system with the bluebot smart water meter and other essential smart plumbing products.

How Transit-time Flow Meters Use Ultrasound to Measure Home Water Flow

homeowner installing bluebot, a transit time flow meter for water pipes

Discover the innovative ultrasonic transit-time flow meter technology utilized by bluebot and unlock a new level of efficiency and control for your home or properties. Our cutting-edge technology offers unique advantages, providing accurate and reliable measurements of water flow. Learn how bluebot’s advanced flow meter technology can help you optimize water management, detect leaks, and make informed decisions for a more sustainable future. Explore the advantages of our ultrasonic flow meter technology and revolutionize your water monitoring experience with bluebot.