You take every precaution to protect your home. But what about water leak protection? Water damage is extremely destructive and costly to fix. You can catch leaks quicker with the addition of a bluebot smart water meter. You’ll also get detailed information about your water usage that can help you conserve water and save money.

Smart home water meters are smart investments

A smart home water meter provides a high level of protection for a relatively low investment. When you consider how quickly a leak or plumbing failure can damage your property and the costs associated with excessive water use, having real-time access to your water use data provides immense value and peace of mind.


With bluebot, you’ll understand your water usage like never before. With the bluebot app on your smartphone, you get real-time data that’s easy to understand. We even Dollarize™ your data, converting gallons used to dollars. (That’s how most of us think of our water usage anyway!)


Armed with the data, which you can share, you can finally make informed decisions to conserve resources and lower your water bill. But that’s not all. You also have the ability to detect leaks and usage abnormalities in real time, which can help avert larger issues.

Why is water leak detection so important?

There are many different kinds of leak situations where a smart water meter can help detect the problem before it gets out of hand.


Basement leaks: It’s easy for a basement leak to go undetected. A smart home water meter detector can save you from finding a basement full of water – and damaged items.


Vacation home leaks: If you own a vacation home, how do you catch leaks when you’re not there? A smart home water meter monitors your water usage and sends data wherever you are – so you can see if you’re suddenly using more water than expected.


Irrigation system leaks: If you have an irrigation system, a leak could spill gallons and gallons of water into your lawn before you’ll even notice. A smart water meter can detect increased and/or prolonged water use letting you address the issue quickly.

Customize your alerts with bluebot.

bluebot is the only smart home water meter that provides truly real-time access to your water data, allows you to customize your leak detection alerts, share with friends, family, tenants, and helpers to build a water savings team, Dollarize™ your water data, and monitor from anywhere in the world. You can even conveniently sub meter multiple properties, water lines, or locations along the same water line to identify problem areas.


The bluebot app delivers three separate alerting functions for Flow Over Time (leaks), Gallons (usage), and Dollarize™ (cost). The bluebot app also provides budgeting functionality to help keep you on track with your usage goals.


The Flow Over Time alert sends you a text message (SMS) or push notification based on your set configuration. After using bluebot for a few days, you can begin to understand your typical usage patterns and tailor the alerts to best suit your needs. For example, if you want to keep a close eye on your irrigation line’s schedule, you could create an alert on your irrigation meter to text you if any flow is recorded for more than 20 minutes (assuming your timer was set to less than 20 minutes).


The bluebot flow meter was not designed to capture drip leaks. The low-flow tolerance is pipe size and type dependent but is typically >0.3gpm. The non-invasive design utilizes industry-proven ultrasonic technology to monitor flow and deliver useful water data, allowing you to identify atypical water events and take action. The bluebot smart water meter is an excellent tool for catching toilets that keep running, faucets or fixtures that are left on, or broken irrigation systems.


See why our customers call bluebot the easiest to install water meter: It’s the world’s first universal clamp-on smart water meter that can be installed on virtually any pipe. No water shut-offs, pipe cutting, professional installation, or subscription required.


If you’re ready to understand your water like never before – and get on top of costly leaks quickly – find out more about bluebot.


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