We quickly found the problem

Optimize your water usage and reduce wastage with Bluebot. Discover how this innovative solution helps you track, monitor, and manage your water consumption effectively. Start saving water and money today.

I live in a town that is focused on conserving water as we often have drought conditions in California. I noticed that my water usage was increasing but I was not doing anything differently. I could not figure out where the excess water was going. With bluebot, I could easily see when different devices were using water. I looked at my recent usage and found one of my low-flow toilets was flushing more water than intended – a lot more water. We were able to quickly find the problem and shut off the water, then get a replacement kit from the hardware store and resolve the problem. It was great to have the ability to see my water usage in detail and know that I can help our community save water during a drought!    

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