Over $50,000 in damages


#mywaterstory began with fire, but not in the way you might think. We unknowingly left a candle burning in a bathroom and left the house. The candle managed to catch fire to a wicker basket, and the entire bathroom ended up engulfed in flames. Thankfully we left the door closed which managed to contain the fire to the bathroom, but it ended up melting the PVC pipe underneath the sink causing a massive leak. The water put the fire out but continued to flood through the entire house for nearly 4 hours. Our whole house had over 10″ of standing water and the drywall began soaking it up. All our furniture, electronics, everything was ruined. The insurance company had to tear the house completely down to studs and refinish everything. It ended up costing over $50,000 in damages that could’ve been significantly reduced with bluebot.

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