Case Study: Property Manager/Business Owner Achieves 30% Water Savings with bluebot

bluebot's comprehensive water monitoring system provided Legend Property Management with the tools and insights needed to revolutionize their water management practices. By leveraging the power of real-time data and advanced analytics, bluebot enabled Legend to identify and address water inefficiencies across their properties.

In this case study, we delve into how Legend Property Management overcame challenges with their previous water monitoring system and successfully improved their water management practices using bluebot.

We explore how bluebot’s sub-metering capabilities, flexible installation, and low maintenance requirements empowered Legend Property Management to optimize their operations, substantiate usage accuracy, and achieve significant reductions in water usage.

The Challenge: Reducing inaccurate water usage measurements and high maintenance requirements

Legend Property Management had been utilizing a water monitor that strapped onto their city meter. However, this solution presented several issues. The batteries in the previous system depleted quickly, requiring frequent visits from their maintenance staff to replace batteries and screws. Moreover, the limited compatibility and lack of sub-metering capabilities led to inaccuracies in water usage measurements. As a result, the city notified Legend Property Management of excessive water consumption, creating an urgent need to address the situation.


The Solution: bluebot universal water monitor

With bluebot, Legend Property Management found a comprehensive water monitoring solution that transformed their water management capabilities. bluebot offers sub-metering capabilities, ensuring accurate measurements and data at the property level. The system’s flexible installation, compatible with various setups, simplified the implementation process across Legend’s properties. Additionally, bluebot’s dedicated power source eliminated the need for frequent battery replacements, reducing maintenance requirements significantly.

  1. Identifying Vacant Properties and Leak Detection: bluebot’s sub-metering capabilities allowed Legend to monitor water flow in individual units and properties. By analyzing the data, they could quickly identify properties experiencing no flow, indicating vacancy. This information empowered them to proactively address any potential water waste issues and ensure that no water was being consumed unnecessarily.
  2. Improving Property Efficiency: With bluebot, Legend gained visibility into water usage patterns and trends for each property. This enabled them to identify areas of high water consumption and implement targeted efficiency measures. By analyzing the data, they could identify properties or units with consistently high water usage and work with tenants to address potential issues or implement water-saving measures.
  3. Proactively Addressing Running Toilets and Water Waste: bluebot’s real-time monitoring capabilities allowed Legend to detect running toilets and other forms of water waste promptly. By tracking water flow and identifying abnormal usage patterns, they could proactively address running toilets, leaks, or other water-related issues. This proactive approach helped save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water across their properties, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.
  4. Dedicated Power and No Maintenance: With bluebot’s dedicated power source and no maintenance requirements, Legend Property Management experienced a significant reduction in operational expenses. The elimination of battery replacements and maintenance visits allowed their staff to focus on more critical tasks, reducing time, effort, and costs associated with traveling across state lines to address battery-related issues. This streamlined approach not only improved operational efficiency but also resulted in substantial cost savings for the company.

Implementation and Results: Live data delivers fast results

With bluebot in place, Legend Property Management experienced a substantial improvement in their water management practices. The sub-metering capabilities provided accurate and reliable data, allowing them to substantiate their actual water usage to the city. By demonstrating their accurate consumption levels, they successfully resolved the issue of being wrongly accused of excessive water usage.


“bluebot has been an invaluable tool for our property management company, delivering 30% savings on water usage and costs, surpassing the capabilities of other products we’ve tried in terms of flexibility and results.”


– Frank G., Property Manager at Legend Property Management


Moreover, bluebot empowered Legend Property Management to detect and address issues promptly. The system’s ability to identify leaking or running toilets and prevent unexpected usage in vacant properties prevented water waste and potential damage. As a result, Legend Property Management achieved more than a 30% reduction in water usage quarter over quarter, showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices and cost savings.

Conclusion: Sub-metering made easy with bluebot

Legend Property Management’s transition to bluebot revolutionized their water management practices. By replacing their previous system, which proved inefficient and inaccurate, bluebot provided them with sub-metering capabilities, flexible installation options, and low maintenance requirements. With the ability to substantiate their usage accuracy and achieve significant water usage reductions, Legend Property Management now maintains greater control over their water consumption, prevents wastage, and ensures accurate usage allocation.