California’s Growing Water Crisis

Navigating the California Water Crisis: Learn how bluebot's advanced water monitoring technology is helping residents and businesses in California effectively manage water usage during times of drought and water scarcity. bluebot provides actionable insights and real-time data to conserve water, reduce waste, and ensure a sustainable future for the Golden State. Join us in combating the California water crisis with bluebot.

California is currently in the midst of the worst drought this area has experienced in nearly 1,200 years*. Statewide, reservoir and lake levels are at historic lows. On Thursday, July 8th, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in nine additional counties due to the extreme drought throughout most of the state.


As broadcasted by CBS SF Bay Area News, while standing in the cracked and dusty bed of Lopez Lake, Governor Newsom urged both residents and businesses to voluntarily cut water usage, before required water limitations would have to be implemented across the state. This new state of emergency declaration includes the counties of Marin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo, among others. After this announcement, there are now 50 out of the 58 counties, or approximately 42% of California’s population, under a water conservation declaration.


Additionally, Governor Newsom signed an executive order to establish a framework intended to encourage voluntary water conservation throughout the state. Overall, a 15% cut in water use is being requested by many businesses, residences, and agricultural areas. We are now in the heart of the US water crisis.


Here at bluebot™, we want to make conservation easier. From personal experience, we have found that it is terribly hard to conserve what you struggle to meaningfully measure. Our bluebot™ measures your water usage in gallons, and can even show you cent by cent what water usage is costing you, thanks to our patented dollarize function. Our device can help alert you to potentially devastating leaks while fostering a complete understanding of your household’s personal water usage in a time where conservation is extremely important.


*Kathleen Johnson, an associate professor of Earth system science at the University of California, Irvine,