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Meet bluebot™, the ultimate smart water meter designed to transform the way you use and budget your water. With bluebot, you can conveniently monitor and track your water consumption and detect water leaks in real-time!

Unlike other smart home water monitors, bluebot has the greatest pipe size/type capability on the market, can be used indoors and outdoors, and is calibrated in our flow lab for unparalleled accuracy. The bluebot’s dedicated power source means no maintenance or battery changes required.

With a background in industry-leading flow technology, bluebot boasts the highest data resolution on the market. Our flexible alerting features come standard, without requiring a subscription.

DIY installation is encouraged and easy – no professional help required, and no pipe cutting, electricians, plumbers, wasteful calibration.

Order bluebot today and start connecting to your water like never before!


Here are the product features of bluebot smart water meter:


  • Pipe sizes: 3/4″, 1.0”,1.25″, 1.5″, 2.0”, and larger size PVC up to 4″ available
  • Pipe types: Copper L & M, PVC SCH 40 & 80, Galvanized, PEX, PE



  • Accuracy: +/- 1.0% to 2.0% of flow reading (application, pipe size and type dependent)
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.2%
  • Low-Flow Capability: 0.2gpm to 0.5gpm (application, pipe size and type dependent)
  • High Flow Capability: Max flow depends on pipe size



  • Connect using a standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network



  • Dedicated 10-foot USB-C power cable with standard USA plug /110VAC
  • Input power 5V, 1A
  • No batteries required


Splash, Water and Dust Resistance:

  • IP67 outdoor use rated / water resistant
  • Operating temperature from 32° F (0° C) to 122° F (50° C)


Phone Compatibility:

  • iPhone/iPad running iOS 14 or newer
  • Android running Android OS 12 or newer (APP OUT NOW!)
  • Commissioning of devices must be completed via mobile app



  • The “bluebot water” app is available for immediate download on iOS and Android.


In the Box:

Each bluebot ships with a complete install kit

  • The bluebot device,
  • 10′ USB-C power cable,
  • C-holders, replacement coupling pads,
  • Microfiber towel, and
  • Sandpaper disc.


Customer Case Study:

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Weight 2.5 lbs

1 Pack, 2 Pack, 3 Pack

27 reviews for bluebot smart water meter

  1. Keith Schoendoerfer (verified owner)

    I have two wells on 20 acres and on one well went dry and the other dropped to lest than 0.5 GPM. It will be nearly two months until a well driller can be on site to help me out with a new well. I bought two of the Blue Bots to monitor flow from my well to the holding tanks and one to monitor flow to the two houses we have and19 different zones of landscaping and vegetable garden. We used the Bots to determine GPM for each zone and keep track of the tank farm fill rate. We were able to find a number of excess watering durations that pointed to a few broken drip pipes and a few zones that were being overwatered. After fixing the broken stuff and adjusting the overwatered zones we were able to reduce our overall daily GPM by nearly 37%. Not enough to matchup with our meager well output but it gave us the ability to reduce and schedule water truck deliveries more accurately.

    I also bought this cloud based tank level sensor from these folks to keep tabs on my water storage without taking a trip to the tank farm.
    PTLevel – ParemTech

  2. jwm1969 (verified owner)

    I had some trouble getting this installed correctly and then there were some software issues in the beginning which the staff resolved very quickly; highly recommend this as a solution to monitoring your water usage realtime and leak detection. Most importantly, the customer support and tech support is extremely responsive which is rare in any industry…the owners/founders obviously understand the importance of customer service from the start; i could recommend product solely on this fact.

    UPDATE: My Bluebot stopped working after working flawlessly for a year and what did the company do? sent me a replacement while i send the old one back for an autopsy. Amazing support, cannot be any better.

    UPDATE 2: I received the new unit and install was super easy this time and did it in two minutes… Everything went perfectly and I’m back up and running flawlessly. Thanks blue bot

  3. homeadmin (verified owner)

    Easy Install / Great Product

    I never write reviews… but this is an amazing product.

    Clear install directions. Easy 3 minute installation. Works perfectly.

    This gives me new insight into my water bill. Now I know where all the water is going. Finding leaks is easy.

    Good for my pocketbook and helps preserve a scarce resource.

    Impressive hardware. Excellent user interface.

  4. Larry Blair (verified owner)

    Discovered 4 gallon / minute irrigation leak

    Simple to install since no plumber was required. Auto calibrates to PVC, copper, etc plumbing. Ultrasonic technology works very well to provide resolution of .1 gallons / minute with easy to use iOS or Android app. Irrigation system “was off” yet volume of water flowing was 4 Gallons / minute … massive water used! Irrigation system had a stuck-open valve that was the problem. Highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to know more about their water usage. Bought another Bluebot to monitor a pool refill supply line.

  5. Phil M (verified owner)

    Works for me

    I have this connected to the main water line and it seems to be as accurate as my water bill so that is a step in the right direction.

    I bought this mainly to alert me when I accidentally leave the water running (bad hearing sometimes keeps me from hearing that the faucet is running). I tested it and sure enough I got my alert.

    So / Suoer Satisfied Customer here.

  6. jklui2006 (verified owner)

    Accuracy and customer service

    As property manager for a 30k sf estate, it’s my job to help monitor water efficiency. We came across Bluebot after receiving an astronomical water bill due to a water leak that went undetected for several weeks. We tried another water monitor company but due to the size and scope of the property, it wasn’t sufficient for our needs. Enter Bluebot, Austin & Nicole! Our challenges were two fold: monitor the irrigation main and the house separately AND getting a strong WiFi connection. After a few attempts initially to connect the irrigation Bluebot, Austin realized we needed to extend our WiFi and update our network. The app let us connect but it kept dropping. Once the WiFi issues were updated, we were in business for monitoring the irrigation main. The monitor for the house was a bit more challenging, as we have a 3″ pipe and Bluebot didn’t have that size as a standard option. I think these guys like a challenge, so they custom made a 3″ for our purposes! How’s that for customer service? Now we can “see” the water in real time and better able to monitor for any potential leaks, as well as help us conserve where we can.

    Since Bluebot is a local business in our area, Austin and Nicole came onsite to help us get started in October 2021. It took a few months more to get the WiFi expanded for the second Bluebot that we needed to monitor the house. Here we are February 2022 and Austin showed up with the 3″ Bluebot and got us going!! Nicole and Austin were so gracious with their time and showing us how the app worked and what we could do to customize it for our needs. Patience was key, and they rock. What’s great about the app is that the primary account holder can share the monitoring with others, which I recommend only as needed.

    Overall, I’ve been sharing with family, friends and co-workers the benefits of using Bluebot. I also showed the landscaper the app so he can see how the live feature works and understands how the Bluebot monitors the water. Granted the property I manage is quite substantial, but for the average home user you would easily be able to set this up and get started. But if you did need to call customer service, you’ll get knowledgeable techs on the other end. For those who manage larger properties, you’ll be glad you invested in a piece of equipment that could potentially help save money and property. Anyone who has to pay a water bill, especially in California, would benefit from a Bluebot.

  7. Luv2Fly (verified owner)

    This water meter “flow detector” is amazingly easy to install and incredibly accurate.

    The Bluebot water meter is amazingly easy to install and incredibly accurate. I am a utility consultant and I need to measure the maximum gallon per minute flow of some of my clients’ water usage. I ran an accurate test of my home lavatory faucet, which measured 1.3 gpm. Sure enough, the Bluebot also gave me the same reading of 1.3 gpm. I appreciate that I can use this on any size pipe size from 3/4″ to 2″.

    Not Bluebot, but another company, I made the mistake of purchasing the TUF-2000B Ultrasonic Flow meter and it is nothing but junk. Just a waste of $300. It never worked and there was no tech support.

    The tech support with Bluebot is great, as I have had special requests of the functionality of the meter and the app before and after I purchased.

    I am very pleased with the purchase. I would highly recommend it.

  8. Timothy Hogan (verified owner)

    Simple to use, great product!

    Simple to install on the hot water tank. Downloaded the app to my computer and cell phone. After 2 days of install I decided to check on the bluebot app that I had downloaded on to my cell phone and it was showing me an extremely high usage of water. After further investigation I found a waterline under the house going to an external water faucet leaking. What a great product!! I’m going to recommend this product to all my friends!

  9. Al (verified owner)

    Should have bought it years ago.

    I was surprised by the amount of water toilets, showers, dish washers & of course irrigation use!!!
    After the install, the first yard watering showed me my #5 valve wasn’t functioning. Found that wiring had corroded. All well now.

  10. sv_product (verified owner)

    I have been trying to find a device to monitor my home and a rental unit we own. Our house has a 2” main coming in for fire sprinklers and our house and the house main is 1-1/4. The rental unit has a 3/4” main coming in. I originally bought the phyn plus but the location of my main and the fact that I had a 1-1/4” pipe made install expensive, I was quoted $800 from a plumber to install. I also got the Flume 2 which I was not able to get working on our 2” main but did get it to work on our 3/4” main. The user interface of this product is better and they support android and also have a web version but I couldn’t get it to work on my main. This has been the only product I’ve been able to cost effectively get working on our main with what looks to be accurate data! The install was straightforward as it clamped around our main.

    The miss of one star is the lack of android support and web support as of 5/21/2021 and the login flow was a bit funky as I tried to get it working with Android and an iPad. If you have an IPhone the setup should be much smoother and I’m sure they will eventually support Android. From a monitoring and data perspective, the tool seems solid so far.

    The only advantage I see of the Phyn and Moen Flo is remote main shutoff which I don’t think I need for my setup. I would stick with this or the Flume if you want real time water monitoring and the main advantage of this over the Flume seems like you don’t have to change the batteries for the device connected to your water meter although this is currently 2x the price of the Flume. For my setup it was the only solution I could get working though so happy with the purchase and plan to keep it in place!

  11. Phildmover (verified owner)

    Quick and simple Instalation. Easy and fast connection to app and unit. Super control Montering with alerts to my phone. I was able to show family and friends the water use from bathroom to dishwasher or hand washing dishes. Excellent product for Montering multiple properties such as VRBO or rental properties.

  12. StarlightEcho (verified owner)

    Reducing waste

    This water meter is a neat solution for monitoring your water usage at home. This flow meter is easy to install and provides accurate readings, allowing you to keep track of your water consumption and make adjustments to reduce waste.

  13. bluebot (verified owner)

    Saving on my water bill

    Great investment for homeowners who want to reduce their water bills. Its precise flow metering technology, this device allows you to monitor your water usage and identify any leaks or inefficiencies in your plumbing system. I had to call support to calibrate the device a few times but they were helpful, highly recommend the bluebot water meter.

  14. David Rivera (verified owner)

    The bluebot water meter is a top choice for our small business and commercial spaces that need to monitor and separate their water usage. Its compact design and precise flow metering make it ideal for sub metering applications, some modifications to our pipes were require in a few areas but this is still way more affordable than plumbing in other comparable devices. We called and asked for a bulk discount and I would recommend the demo program.

  15. ThunderBoltz (verified owner)

    Committee approved; savings verified!

    For a university that wants to reduce their environmental impact, this device was used by our committee to do just that! This sub metering device allows schools to track their water usage and identify inefficiencies in our plumbing systems, ultimately leading to higher efficiency at our university.

  16. CrimsonSkywalker (verified owner)

    Reducing tenant disputes across our portfolio

    Our property management firm manages restaurants, cafes, and other food service businesses that rely on water for their operations. With its sub metering capabilities, this device helps businesses like ours to track their water usage and reduce waste, ultimately saving money on our water bills and reducing disputes with our tenants.

  17. Nathan Johnson (verified owner)

    Works great after a few days getting familiar with my water lines. It wasn’t obvious to me at first where to put it but it’s been online now for 6 months and I haven’t touched it.

  18. qc1984 (verified owner)

    Had a hard time installing it, bluebot did refund me and even cover shipping but I wish it would have worked out, hopefully in the future I can buy and try again.

  19. Tim 32 (verified owner)

    Works with Wi-Fi on our small farm

    For agricultural businesses that rely on irrigation systems, the BlueBot water meter is a must-have tool for metering the water usage. The bluebot helps farmers to optimize their water usage and increase crop yields. Having a weekly view of the totals we can see if we’re up or down by a few thousand gallons. With all the regulations around water consumption, I don’t know how we can move forward without technology like this.

  20. TechGeek09 (verified owner)

    This device helped us and our contractors to conserve water resources and promote sustainable practices during the construction of our new home. We are happy to understand our water usage here in San Francisco where water is a precious resource.

  21. Benjamin Turner (verified owner)

    I would have rated this product 5 stars if the android version was out of beta, I guess they’re launching it soon so fingers crossed !

  22. Amelia Scott (verified owner)

    Sustainable future for our municipality;

    The BlueBot water meter is a smart investment for municipalities that want to reduce their water bills and conserve resources. With its precise flow metering and sub metering capabilities, this device allows cities to monitor water usage and identify areas where they can improve efficiency. For a municipality that needed a more granular way to monitor water usage in public buildings and facilities, the BlueBot water meter is a reliable and efficient solution. With its easy installation and accurate flow metering, this device helps cities to reduce water waste and promote sustainable practices. This is a valuable tool for homeowners and businesses that want to improve their energy efficiency. By monitoring water usage and identifying inefficiencies, this device helps to reduce overall energy consumption and promote a more sustainable future.

  23. LeakBuster18 (verified owner)

    Car washes use a lot of water, the price of water is not really the issue with our application but more the way the water is regulated. Saving water is just one of the benefits of bluebot we appreciate, but the key benefit is using their beta Smart Flow Cloud API to stream the water data directly to our own solution to show the county that our water use per wash is under control and within their guidelines. We don’t always have a way to record flow per wash but with the bluebot we can now see that pretty well and for that we recommend the bluebot to other car wash businesses.

  24. Brooklyn Murphy (verified owner)

    App is under development, hardware is nice!

    Great app, it has a lot of graphing features. The app it will lose the data but always seems to be fixed quickly. looking forward to the new version they said they were releasing this year. My interactions with Ryan and Austin in support have been great. Cool idea and look forward to seeing what this company does in the near future. The hardware however is really cool, it has these little sensors that scan the pipe and it’s fun to install, just don’t get your fingers caught in the clamps!

    Highly recommend.

  25. SmartFlowUser77 (verified owner)

    Great For industrial businesses that rely on water for their operations

    Water meter is an essential tool for monitoring usage and identifying inefficiencies. We use this device on our CNC to simply check the amount of water that has passed since the machine has been serviced.

  26. Nathan Johnson (verified owner)

    Waiting for the new version of the app. happy so far!

  27. M.Olin (verified owner)

    I have tried several other brands of water meters and Bluebot saved the day. I purchased 4 units and installed on my home water main 1.5” copper, irrigation main 1” PVC, my Guest house 3/4”copper and one on my Mom and Dad’s house 1” copper. Since one size fits all, the units adjusted to my various pipe sizes and types. I found an immediate 1gpm leak on my irrigation and started saving day one.

    The app is the best I have seen and shows live flow and alerts me via text.

    The coolest part is I feel like I have total control of my water now and rest easy.

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