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Discover the peace of mind and convenience of having an intelligent water assistant to help keep you on track and avoid costly water bill surprises.

How bluebot compares

Device Specifications & Features

Shutoff Valve Strap On Water Sensor
Patented Variable Ultrasonic
Turbine (In-Pipe Can Corrode)
Fixed Ultrasonic

3/4" - 2" all pipe types

Adapter Required

Street-Meter Specific or 3/4"-1" only

Versions Required
Specific to pipe size
Specific to meter
DIY, No Tools Required
Professional Install Required
Professional Install Recommended
Time To Install
5 Minutes
1-2 Hours
1 Hour
Power Source
10' Plug In USB-C Cable
Plug / Electrician Required
Batteries (replace annually)
Multi-Device Support


Sharing Capabilities

(Access + Water Data)
Real-Time Live Flow

(Turn on the tap, see live flow)

(convert live flow to dollars.)
Leak Detection
Custom Alerts
Default + Unlimited
Historic Data
Unlimited (Free)
Subscription Required
Subscription Required
All Included
Basic + Paid
Basic + Paid


$60 a Year

$59 a Year

Fixed $399
Variable $459-889 +
Variable $169 - $199
3 Year Cost Of Operation
updated 1/19/21
Subscription Cost - $0

Wi-FI Extender (optional) $49

Extension Cord (optional) $20

Total = $399 - $468±

Subscription Cost - $60/yr = $180

Wi-FI Extender (optional) $49

Labor - $250 - $500±

Total = $758 - $1438±

Subscription Cost - $59/yr = $177

Labor - $199 - $299±

Total = $545 - $675±

The unit was easy to set up and connect. To instantly have all this accurate usage data is a game changer! The application interface is intuitive and functional. Finally we have the solution to residential water usage and stewardship. Thank you Bluebot!!!!
Will L.
Carmel, CA

No subscription or hidden fees

Island time, plumber and electrician costs, pipe cutting, water shutoffs and historic data paywalls don’t exist with bluebot. Get bluebot, get water data.

Get your water data in real time

Others claim real time water data, but bluebot is the only water monitor that displays live water data with a one second delay. With bluebot, when you turn on the tap, you’ll see it in the app.

Create your own alerts

Unlike other monitors that set the alerts for you, bluebot allows you the flexibility to configure to your specific needs.

Going to cut your pipe?

There's a better way

Purchasing an in-line propeller water meter can set you back an additional $1,000+ for installation. Once you buy one, you have to shut off your water, cut your pipe or hire a plumber (possibly an electrician), and tack on a monthly subscription for water data access. Ultimately, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money. 

No Plumber Needed

Our app will help you find the best location on your main water line to clamp bluebot on.

No Pipe Cutting

The patented non-invasive installation of bluebot takes just seconds, no tools required.

No Water Shutoffs

Don’t worry about shutting your water off or lengthy and wasteful calibration processes. 

Ultrasonic Technology

Designed for longevity

Don’t invest in a turbine meter that could fail from hard water, rust, or excess wear. We use transit-time ultrasonic technology to measure flow, a method widely used for nearly 25 years. The goal when developing bluebot was to provide a convenient, practical solution for water management.

No City Issues

Monitors that install at your street meter are subject to municipality removal. Placing bluebot directly on your property’s main line avoids this possibility entirely. 

No Hidden Fees

Other devices have unexpected installation fees, island time, and monthly charges for accessing your data. When you get bluebot, you get access to everything.

Multiple Meters

Now you can monitor multiple water lines with ease thanks to bluebot. Anything from irrigation lines to secondary properties, fish tanks, ADU’s and even fire suppression systems.

Live + Historic Insights

Demystify your water usage

Capturing around 43,200 data points per day, bluebot captures live flow data and streams it down to the app with a very minimal delay. Our state-of-the-art high-resolution capture of flow readings in the greatest level of detail available on the market today. Combine this richness in data with our robust alerting capabilities and the ability to Dollarize, and you’ll never have to worry about your water again. 

a video of the bluebot water app displaying live flow

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