Counter vs. Turbine vs. Ultrasonic

Which water meter is right for you?

There are three industry-standard technologies for measuring flow.
Some of these technologies work better in certain applications than others.

bluebot Water Meter (ultrasonic)

The bluebot uses transit-time ultrasonic technology to measure flow, a method widely used for over 30 years. There is an upstream and a downstream transducer. The sound travels faster with the flow than against. We measure the time it takes for the sound to travel between the transducers (transit-time). Using our patented ultrasonic technology, our unit adjusts the angle of the transducers in order to measure many pipe sizes with one unit.

  • Non-Invasive 
  • Quick DIY installation
  • One price
  • No hidden fees
  • Dedicated power
  • Designed by industry flow experts
  • Easily share data with any person
  • Easily access all data from your phone
  • Compatible with 3/4" - 2" sized Copper L & M, PVC, PEX & Galvanized pipe types
  • Special order available for larger pipe sizes up to 4" - SCH 40 & 80, PVC only.
  • Add multiple devices to one account
  • Understand not only how much water is used but also what it costs
  • Can be moved easily
  • Effluent water compatible
  • High repeatability
  • 0.2gpm low flow capability
  • Unlimited max flow capability
  • Developing software WITH our customers
  • IP67 outdoor use rated / water resistant

  • Shut-off valve accessory coming soon
  • Android app coming soon
  • Long-range RF option coming soon
  • May require extension cord
  • May require Wi-Fi repeater/extender

Water Meter Counter

A water meter counter is a non-invasive counter that utilizes your city water meter to record the meter revolutions and provide data based on that information. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Non-Invasive 
  • Long range capability

  • Only works with one type of city-provided water meter; Must locate city water box and remove heavy cover
  • Does not work with updated digital city water meters
  • Relies on city water meter for data (can produce reliability issues)
  • Not approved in some municipalities
  • Batteries need to be replaced periodically
  • Battery life depends on amount of water used, can be as little as 2 weeks for large buildings
  • Does not support multiple metering
  • Lengthy calibration process
  • Cannot share with household
  • Difficult to install

Turbine Water Meter

A turbine water meter is one that installs within a section of your water line. It utilizes a spinning turbine, volume is known for each revolution. Being installed within the pipe, they generally include a shut-off valve. 

  • Shut-off valve
  • Dedicated power

  • Variable pricing, pipe size and type dependent
  • Not compatible with all pipe sizes and types
  • Professional installation strongly recommended ($500+)
  • Permanent, invasive installation
  • Hard water can quickly seize the propeller
  • Shut-off valve can actuate inconveniently
  • Monthly subscription for data access
  • Maximum flow rate capped
  • Pressure-based flow readings, accuracy dependent on environment
  • Compatibility may require pressure reduction valve

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