Commercial Water Meter

Effectively Track and Manage Water Usage With the bluebot Smart Commercial Water Meter

The bluebot smart commercial water meter helps you accurately measure and monitor the volatile water use of large facilities like factories, hospitals, car washes, food processing facilities, warehouses, universities, and more.

Property managers trust bluebot for intelligent water management.

bluebot smart water meter

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Introducing bluebot®, the only LoRaWan water flow meter on the market that enhances water management and leak detection through real-time tracking. Bluebot stands out with its non-invasive clamp-on design and broad compatibility with over 60 pipe size and type combinations, indoor and outdoor functionality, and precise calibration for accuracy and repeatability.

It operates without maintenance, thanks to a dedicated power source, and offers high-resolution data and customizable alerts without subscription fees. The system is designed for simple, do-it-yourself installation, with no need for professional assistance or pipe alterations. 

Get bluebot now for an innovative approach to water conservation.

Accurate Flow Measurement

Bluebot ultrasonic flow meters are calibrated across the entire flow range for best-in-class accuracy up to +/- 0.5%. The most precise method for water flow measurement.

Easy Install

Easy installation with non-invasive, patented clamp-on design. The IP67 ingress rating covers indoor and outdoor use under warranty—no batteries or maintenance required.

Fits 60+ Pipe & Type Combinations

Fits a wide range of different pipe materials, sizes, and types, easily attaching to 3/4" - 2" (plus special large sizes up to 4.0”) Copper L, Copper M, PVC Sch 40, PVC Sch 80, CPVC, PEX, PE, ABS, Stainless Steel, and Galvanized pipes.

Cover More Area

One Singular Hub for Your Entire Facility

Our LoRaWan water flow meter takes connection out of the equation so you no longer have to rely on spotty Wi-Fi signal. Each bluebot device uses radio frequency and sends your flow data straight to the cloud, giving you instant insight into your building’s water usage.


Case Study

See how the University of the Nations Kona used bluebot to save $3.5M in water credits and enable expansion

The UNK team utilized information gathered by bluebot devices to perform an extensive evaluation of water consumption between September 2022 and March 2023.

This evaluation involved examining how many gallons of water are used per person among both locals and daytime guests, in addition to reviewing past water usage patterns and the effectiveness of water-saving measures taken at the institution.


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The three types of water meters are ultrasonic meters, positive displacement meters (PD meters), and electromagnetic meters, each utilizing different technologies to measure water flow. Our bluebot devices are ultrasonic clamp-on water flow meters.

For commercial and industrial applications, ultrasonic meters and electromagnetic meters are commonly used due to their accuracy in measuring large volumes and various flow rates of water. The bluebot ultrasonic water flow meter has been deployed by many commercial customers, including light industrial facilities, property management companies, agricultural operations, and more.

Nope. Installing bluebot is simple and requires no special tools, as the package includes all necessary components. The app offers detailed guidance for setup, needing just a straight section of pipe. It’s designed for easy installation by users with any level of experience.

Using its unique variable angle transit time ultrasonic technique, bluebot employs ultrasonic waves to gauge the water flow, timing the sound waves’ travel in and against the flow to precisely monitor real-time water usage and detect leaks, effective even at low flow rates.