To make profits as a property manager or landlord, you need to have information at your fingertips. We’ve rounded up the best property management apps that can save you time and money.

Apps to Monitor Water

1. Bluebot

This smart water meter and app will help you keep tabs on your property’s water usage when you’re not present. You can track flow in real time, submeter and allocate costs for each tenant.

Bonus: bluebot smart water meter is incredibly easy to install. Any pressurized pipe will work, so simply clamp it on and watch your app.

Customer Review: App Store User

“This is a product that goes far beyond the other products on the market that measure water usage. As a landlord of three different tenants, I needed to be able to measure water usage without interrupting my tenants. Not only has this product proven to be amazingly accurate but also non-intrusive to my tenants, gives us the ability to print out usage amounts and bill accordingly. Awesome product!!!!”

Apps for Energy Management

2. 75F

You can save money on your heating bill when you install a 75F hyperstat in your properties. This smart energy management system uses digital sensors and predictive analytics to manage indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality from your HVAC unit to the palm of your hand.

Customer Review: Akron Energy Systems, Kevin Hohlefelder, Vice President of Sales

“We’re just starting to put 75F in a million square-foot office space. Getting everyone aligned so we can watch not just the single building, but the tenants and the occupied spaces as well, and doing it all from the office has been great.”

3. Enlighted

Now you can track motion, light, power, and temperature in one app. Enlighted uses a variety of surface-, micro-, high bay-, and ruggedized sensors to help you manage tenants’ energy usage. As one of the best property management apps for landlords, Enlighted helps you lower operational costs and improve comfortability.

Apps for Payment Tracking

4. Buildium

An app designed by property managers for property managers. You can use Buildium to track payments, bills, and maintenance requests from your smart phone.

Customer Review: Sandra, Hawaii

“Love it! When on the road, [it’s] easy to retrieve property and tenant information. I like that all tasks are listed from most recent update so I can reply to the requests that are ‘active.’ Text messages can be responded to quickly.”

Apps for Filling Rental Units

5. Hemlane

This app is your go-to for marketing your rental units. With Hemlane, you can list rental units (on 40+ sites), track leads and screen applicants. When it comes to rental applications and online payments, with Hemlane, you can have it all.

Customer Review: Raul

“I have been utilizing Hemlane for the past couple years and every time I have a question or concern they are always super responsive and help with any assistance I may need whether it be with tenants or landlords. Exceptional service! Looking forward to continuing to do business with Hemlane and growing my management company.”

Start monitoring your property’s water today with bluebot. Learn about the app’s features or check out our frequently asked questions.

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