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How Utility Providers Can Adapt for Extreme Droughts

Drought situations continue in most of the country, and water utility companies have to react to encourage conservation and keep taps flowing. There are measures that can help consumers feel more in control of their water use and make better decisions that ultimately impact us all. The bluebot smart home water meter is an easy and effective method for encouraging homeowners to get involved.

Map showing Spring 2022 U.S. Drought Outlook
Source & NOAA

How can utility companies help homeowners follow drought restrictions?

When drought restrictions require water utilities to impose either suggested water restrictions, household usage restrictions tied to overage fines or, in more dire situations, disallow certain types of water use entirely (yard irrigation, for instance), getting homeowners on board can be challenging. Often, homeowners are simply not knowledgeable enough about their water use to make careful decisions about restriction because they get their usage data (via a bill) after the fact, when it’s already too late.

The bluebot smart water meter makes it easy to understand your water use like never before and make simple, yet effective change.

What is bluebot?

bluebot is the world’s first universal, clamp-on smart water meter. bluebot’s ease of use and ability to translate data clearly make it a great choice for homeowners who want to be more involved in their water use decisions. Installation is non-invasive and takes most users about 15 minutes.

bluebot smart water meter sitting behind a smartphone showing the bluebot app

Unlike some water meters, bluebot clamps directly onto the pipe. There is no need for plumbers, pipe-cutting or any special tools. The revolutionary clamp-on design is so simple, yet so effective, in getting homeowners on board about water data collection. Our patented universal compatibility allows bluebot to work on over 35 different pipe sizes and types. We even offer special order 2.5″, 3″ and 4″ (PVC SCH 40 & 80) devices for light commercial water monitoring.

To further add to its convenience, the bluebot app offers real-time data, delivered right to the homeowner’s smart phone in just a second. This data is offered in an easy-to-understand format, even delivering your data in Dollarize format, where a homeowner can see their water use in dollars, instead of gallons.

How bluebot can help families conserve water.

With bluebot, families can create water savings teams and share access to the data across everyone’s phone. Having the ability to easily see where and when you are using the most water helps most people make smart decisions about cutting back, both to conserve an important resource and save on the utility bill.

In times of drought, this type of information for homeowners can be extremely useful. For that reason, some utility companies offer rebates or incentives to purchase a home water meter. We are currently working with municipalities to make bluebot an even more accessible solution for your water monitoring needs.

Interested in offering bluebot incentives for your customers?

If you’re a utility company that wants to encourage water conservation, particularly in times of drought, bluebot wants to work with you. Contact us at 831.275.2715 for more information.