The Data-Rich iOS App
That Keeps Getting Smarter

We are continually refining our software based on customer feedback. We think great products and services should be built alongside the customer.

Guided Installation

Set up your bluebot in a matter of minutes. Simply download the bluebot water app and follow our in app illustrated install guide. No tools required, universal installation.

a video of the bluebot water app displaying the illustrated in-app installation guide
a video of the bluebot water app displaying live flow

No Delays
No Worries

See what’s running in true real time. The delay from Tap to App is often less than a second.

Access Your Data

Historic data allows you to analyze trends and pinpoint specific water events. The bluebot app displays Live, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months & custom data display ranges.

No Subscription Required. 

a video of the bluebot water app demonstrating the historic data charts and graphing system
a video of the bluebot water app demonstrating the dollarize function which converts gallons to dollars

Dollarize™ Your Data

Gain a new understanding for your water by visualizing your usage data in dollars. Input your current bill or default to a national averages to gain an estimated dollar per gallon insight. 

Custom Alerting

Unlike other water meters that only notify you when they see fit, bluebot puts you in total control. Set alerts based on your monitoring preferences: flow over time, gallons, dollars, irrigation and more. 

a video of the bluebot water ios app custom alert function

iOS App

Android + Web Apps are in development read more

Powered by AWS

Powered by AWS cloud + Patented Technology 

In-App Support

Submit support tickets and chat in-app

No Hidden Fees

No professional install or subscription fees

Easy Sharing

Share all or some of your  water data with friends and family

Frequent Updates

We release new app updates often and will continue to do so

Multiple Meters

Easy management via color coding, sharing, and no hidden fees

Moves with you

Moving? Take your bluebot with you to your next property

Web Portal + Android Coming Soon

Alpha Web Portal early access release expected July 2021. Android alpha app early access expected Late 2021.