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The bluebot PRO network provides industry professionals an additional level of technical trainings and industry opportunities, together with exclusive benefits and support.

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The bluebot app

What is bluebot PRO?

In today’s highly-competitive world, differentiating yourself from the competition is essential. Adapting to the latest digital and smart home technologies is an effective way to offer more value to your clients. 


Becoming a bluebot PRO gives you access to exclusive benefits while increasing client trust, touchpoints, and long term opportunities. Plumbers, builders, property restoration specialists and smart home installers are among some of the many industries that benefit from becoming a bluebot PRO. 

bluebot PRO benefits

Not only will you receive best-in-class training and certification in bluebot installation and usage, you’ll also enjoy exclusive benefits: support, webinars, an exclusive welcome kit, VIP access to new features, marketing opportunities, giveaways, and other perks available only to our bluebot PRO partners.

Be the hero

Be a bluebot PRO

In 2019, more than 29 million homes will be smart homes, but water is consistently left behind, despite over 14,000 daily water damage emergencies nationwide. Are you ready to contribute to the solution? 

Get trained on our effortless installation and technology standards and receive your bluebot PRO certification. You’ll be ideally positioned to be recognized as a trusted professional offering the highest resolution of water usage insight to your customers. 

In-depth Training

From installation, to features, to unique use case opportunities

Welcome Kit

To enhance brand experience and increase engagement

Exclusive Discounts

PRO members receive access to exclusive price breaks

Advertising Materials

Gain access to our suite of advertising materials

PRO Early Access

Learn about upcoming features before their release

Dedicated Support

Customers can submit support tickets or chat directly in-app

Stand out from the crowd

Become a bluebot PRO and gain a competitive advantage for your business.

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