Using bluebot on Android – Temporary Workaround

Hello Android users! We hear you!! Our small team is working hard to build the Android app so you can have access to practical water management with bluebot.


Since launching in 2020, we’ve learned that most Android users fall in the “Early Adopter” segment, and are often ready and willing to test a device in its early stages. If you consider yourself to be one of those people and do not want to wait until Summer 2021 for the Android app release, we do have a workaround for you!


While this isn’t ideal, and we do understand that, we have had numerous phone calls, emails and support requests asking if this route would work, so we wanted to share more information about the workaround option on our blog.


Borrowing a friend or family member’s iPhone to install your device is one option. You can also look on your preferred marketplace for an inexpensive iPad (make sure it’s capable of running iOS 14 or later) to use for connection.


Connection and installation does need to be completed from an iPhone or iPad device running iOS 14 or later. From there, you can configure alerts to be sent to your Android phone via SMS.

Once the web portal is live (estimated Spring 2021), you’ll have full access to your meter(s) from any internet browser. You will still be required to use an iOS device to complete setup and installation, but will be able to manage and monitor from the web portal.


The current estimated Android launch date is Summer 2021. To stay up to date with the latest updates on Android development, sign up for our newsletter below!



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Water you waiting for?

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