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One of the most effective ways to provide feedback and receive timely tech support is by including certain details about the issue you are experiencing. These details include information about your phone model, what version of iOS you are currently running, and thorough details on the issue you are experiencing. We have learned the best way to report a bug or error in the app is by recording your screen. This allows our development team to see firsthand what the issue is and can even provide insight into related problems that the average user may not be aware of.


When submitting a support ticket, please consider recording your screen and attaching it to the ticket so we can fast-track the solution.


Recording your screen is rather simple, and a very useful feature to have available to you!


Running iOS 14 or later, you will need to go to Settings > Control Center. You’ll likely see a list of Included Controls. If you scroll, you’ll see More Controls.

The setting you are looking for is Screen Recording. If Screen Recording has not been enabled, it will have a green + button to the left of it. If it has already been enabled, you will see a red – button to the left of it and it will be under the “Included Controls” section.


Once you have Screen Recording in the Included Controls section, you’re ready to record your screen!


Open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Touch and hold the grey Record button to begin recording. You will have a 3 second countdown, which allows you a moment to navigate to your bluebot water app.


Once the recording has begun, you’ll see a red status bar in the top left of your screen. When you see that red bar, you can proceed to use the app and show the issue you are experiencing in greater detail. Tapping the red button stops your recording. The recording will be saved to your phone’s photos/media and can be uploaded via email or support ticket.


For additional information, read more about recording your screen on Apple’s website here: Record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – Apple Support



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