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Are you tired of dealing with high water bills and costly water leaks?

Our smart water monitoring system helps you stay on top of your property's water usage with real-time data and insights, all in one easy-to-use platform. With bluebot, you can easily detect leaks, identify inefficiencies, and reduce overall water consumption.

Independent Source of Water Measurement

Unlike other meters that rely on your street meter, with bluebot you can monitor any water line's usage in real-time and detect leaks or other issues before they turn into costly repairs or water damage.

Improve Efficiency, Reduce OpEx

bluebot empowers property managers to make informed decisions and operate their properties more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Non-Invasive DIY Install

The one-size-fits-all design means you don't need to worry about compatibility, pipe cutting, or additional fittings. No batteries, no maintenance. 

  • Transparent Data

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  • Ease of Use

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Save Water & Money

Average user savings is 30%

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Average Irrigation Savings

User-Friendly Design

We put the customer at the center of our development, ensuring that users can easily install, monitor and understand their water usage. From the simple installation process to the intuitive software interface, bluebot is built to make water monitoring as convenient and easy as possible.


Prevent property damage and save water Act now!

Our advanced water monitoring system can detect leaks before they become a major problem, saving you time and money in the long run.
Contact us today to learn how bluebot can help you stop leaks before they get out of hand.

No-maintenance universal compatibility

A comprehensive solution for convenient, cost-effective, and efficient water management

Unlike other meters that rely on your street meter, bluebot is an independent source of water measurement which provides better accuracy and control over water usage. This can be especially useful if you suspect that your street meter readings are inaccurate or if you are trying to track down water leaks or other issues.


Reduce Costs

Reduce costs associated with water usage by providing accurate and reliable data to improve operational efficiency and identify potential leaks or inefficiencies.

Avoid Water Damage

You can prevent water damage by receiving real-time alerts and monitoring your water usage to detect any leaks or abnormal spikes in usage.

Improve Sustainability

By providing accurate and real-time water usage data, bluebot empowers users to make informed decisions that can lead to more sustainable water usage practices.

Customizable Software

bluebot offers custom alerting and customizable software to ensure that you are notified of any potential water issues and can tailor the system to meet your specific needs.


An ideal solution for residential and commercial properties

Whether you’re looking to save money on your water bill, reduce water waste, or improve the overall efficiency of your water management system, bluebot is the ideal solution for you.


Real-Time Data

Leak Detection

Historical Data


Upgrade your property Improve efficiency today!

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Small Demo Program

  • 6 bluebot devices
  • 2 Training Sessions
  • 1 Technology Review

Designed for small-medium organizations with one-on-one training and deployment

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  • 3 Team Training Sessions
  • 2 Technology Reviews

Designed for medium-large organizations looking for structured, customized training and deployment

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