Locating your water line

bluebot can be placed on nearly any water line made of Copper, PVC or Galvanized Steel between 3/4″ – 2″ in diameter. While we recommend placing your first bluebot device on your main water line to capture the total flow of your home, you may also place additional devices on other water lines, such as an irrigation, pool, or guest house line to monitor that flow, specifically.

To locate your home’s main water line, you may begin at the water meter on your street or sidewalk. A concrete lid marked “Water” typically indicates where the main water line will enter your home. You can follow the main water line straight into your home, garage, closet, or basement, as shown.

Often times, your hot water heater will be a great installation location with Wi-Fi signal and power readily available nearby. Simply identify the main shutoff valve to confirm the water line is the mainline, and complete device installation from within the bluebot water app.



Water you waiting for?

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Use the bluebot app + meter to monitor your water use and cost allocation.

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