Inputting your water bill

bluebot is actively learning how each municipality calculates water bills for their area. Soon, you will be able to input your zip code and recent

Real Time Flow

Thanks to bluebot’s patented ultrasonic sensor technology, you are able to monitor flow in nearly instant real-time. This unique access to your water data allows

Configuring Alerts

From the bluebot water app, tap the bell icon on the home navigation bar to view the alerts screen. From here, you can manage and

Send us your feedback

To start with, thank you for being a part of the bluebot Beta group! Please use this form to supply any and all feedback about

Where can I purchase bluebot?

Currently, bluebot is only available for consumer Beta testing as part of our quality control initiative. bluebot will soon be available for preorder, exclusively through

Is my home compatible?

Most homes are! The standard main water line size of most American homes is 3/4″. bluebot has proven effective on copper, PVC, and galvanized pipe

Setting up multiple bluebot devices

The bluebot water app provides customization for multi-meter support, at no extra charge. This allows you to have total control over your main water line,

How to setup bluebot

Thanks to our universal installation, it’s a very seamless process. The total setup and installation process generally takes about 20 minutes to complete. The bluebot

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