My bills are normally $50

 I recently received a water bill for our house for $165. It seemed high but was not sure because it was during the summer in California. The

Locating your water line

bluebot can be placed on nearly any water line made of Copper, PVC or Galvanized Steel between 3/4″ – 2″ in diameter. While we recommend

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Prior to installing your device, we recommend holding your phone within 3″ of the installation location you have chosen for bluebot. Ensuring your phone is

Signal Quality

During setup, and from within each device information screen, you may notice a representation of signal strength: Strong, Weak and Poor. To ensure a strong

Customizing your device

Within your device information screen in the bluebot water app, select “Device Label” and “Device Color” to change the name of your device, and the

Inputting your water bill

bluebot is actively learning how each municipality calculates water bills for their area. Soon, you will be able to input your zip code and recent

Real Time Flow

Thanks to bluebot’s patented ultrasonic sensor technology, you are able to monitor flow in nearly instant real-time. This unique access to your water data allows

Configuring Alerts

From the bluebot water app, tap the bell icon on the home navigation bar to view the alerts screen. From here, you can manage and

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