Peace of mind

I have a secondary property that is primarily used as an Airbnb vacation rental. I’ve integrated many other smart home devices making it even easier

Featured on The Tech Panda

bluebot is featured on the home page of The Tech Panda! Read the story on their website here {Gadget Watch: bluebot} IoT Based Water Consumption

Colorado is in a severe drought

Just because the majority of the US considers California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico to be the states that have to worry about drought conditions, the fact of the matter is that as years go on, water shortages will affect a majority of the country over the coming years.

About 20 snakes poured out of the ceiling

“We thought it was just a typical clogging issue,” says Jennifer Rodriguez, COO at PRO Housekeepers. “After several hours of no luck, we noticed there was a leak in

We quickly found the problem

I live in a town that is focused on conserving water as we often have drought conditions in California. I noticed that my water usage was increasing but I

We called the water company

I was shocked to receive a water bill for our vacation home of $700 one month, $1,100 the next month, and then $1,400 the following month! We

Water you waiting for?

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