Drought Conditions – How You Can Help

Nearly every part of the U.S. experiences periods of reduced rainfall. As of January 14, 2021, the National Drought Mitigation Center reports 100% of the

Getting started with bluebot: unboxing

The bluebot box includes everything you will need for installation (aside from your phone and Wi-Fi). Universal, non-invasive installation compatible on Copper (Type L &

Meet bluebot: iOS app overview

The bluebot 7-in-1 smart water monitoring system delivers industry leading, patented technology to put you in control of your water. Here we share a brief

How to save water (easy tips)

And of course, get bluebot! Once you have bluebot on your property’s water line, you can input your monthly water bill and set a goal

Featured on The Tech Panda

bluebot is featured on the home page of The Tech Panda! Read the story on their website here {Gadget Watch: bluebot} IoT Based Water Consumption

Water leaks: the most common causes

Water damage can be hard to find and expensive to repair. With bluebot, you can keep an eye on your property’s water usage and know when you are experiencing a leak, allowing you to catch it before it becomes costly to repair.

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