How to Prevent Water Leaks and Maximize Leak Protection

There are ways to minimize the chance of home water leaks. One of the best ways is to purchase a smart home water meter. Our bluebot home water meter gives you real-time data about your water use through an app for your smart phone.

How a Smart Water Meter Can Lower Your Monthly Water Bill

The bluebot smart home water meter offer easier readings and a better way to monitor and track your water consumption. You can quickly create custom alerts, share with family and friends, and gain a total understanding of your water usage from anywhere in the world straight from your phone.

Why Every Home Needs a Water Leak Detector

bluebot is the only smart home water meter that provides truly real-time access to your water data, allows you to customize your leak detection alerts, share with friends, family, tenants, and helpers to build a water savings team

Winter is coming – Monitor your water

We talk a lot about drought status here, mainly because we’re located in the heart of the California water crisis and it’s painfully obvious to

Water sub-metering made easy with bluebot

Sub-metering your water is easier than ever. Simply clamp on any* water line and monitor multiple devices from the app. Sub metering by definition is

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